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    We can run our Z-Spray spray system up to a 1 gallon per 1000 and it has agitation. The boom is also in 3 sections and their tips are a lot lower drift than our ride-on's. A big difference is the manuverability. Our z-spray goes places that out ride-on's can't and they don't wear you out trying to drive it. The ride-on is a good machine for what it is but in my opinion the z-spray is a lot more of a commercial machine. They do have a web site.
    z-spray.com I think.
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    sorry, I put this thread in the wrong place. I t was supposed to be in reply to another thread on the ride on sprayers
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    Andy, i got a question for you....

    first let me tell you we have Perma greens, not thrilled with them, so we're thinking Z-spray for this coming season.

    Now my question. You say the Z is more manuverable?? Does the spray boom not affect manuverability??

    thats the one thing that is making me delay buying one, i'm concerned the boom will be a pain in the neck....but i take it that you dont think it is a pain?

    I no nothing about Z other than what i've read in here and on their web site. I did get a price list, yeah there much higher than PG, but, like you have mentioned, the PG will wear you out a bit operating it and it aint all that dependable. Somebody wrote (may have been you) that they could build another unit with all the extra parts they have had to order...lol...yeah, i can relate to that!
    The Z aerator looks very cool, have you operated the aerator?

    thanks for your input
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    The boom is a breakaway spring loaded boom and it is not affected at all. I was also worried about a boom but they told me at the factory they would put any type tip arrangment on that I wanted. I was told they do a lot of custom work to suit different needs. I will say they were very easy to work with and there references said they really support the product. I have not needed any yet.
  5. Wrong the new Z-sprays have a Auquatec 5.3 gpm pumps but you can run the old ones up to 5gal per 1000 wiht the flowjet 4300. Open flow of couse but 4gpm is easily done.

    The Perma Green have lower set spray tips if you only use the lower mounted ones. Second the Z-Spray and PG used to use the same spray tips if Z-Spray is still using the AI tips. Otherwise you have no clue to what you are saying since both spray rigs use the same MFG for many of the spray componates. Now with those AI tips have fun unclogging them.


    Also the Perma Green is Half the price of the full sized Z-Spray, and 2 different leauges of ride-ons same with the JR Z-Spray.

    I did see on the web site that they now make both models with the same spray rates.

    Before you put something down get the facts straight.

    Z-Srap had a few advantages over the PG unit.;

    1) does not run off of engine speed.

    2) ZTR manuverablility.

    3) Carry large amount of fert product.

    That's all I was able to see.

    PG unit over the Z-Spray

    1) all stainless steel.

    2) no hydro units to replace carring all the added on stuff, It all adds up. 20 gal of liquid 167#, 250# of fert, operator weight 180#, machine weight 640#. Damn 1237#. Lots of weight.

    3) Cost of repairs are far less due to less parts that need to be replaced.

    4) price


    These we my desision makers in no order.
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    Lawngodfather, you sound like your very impressed with your PG. If your interested, i'll give you a good deal on 2 PGs, both with around 300 hrs each. (by the way, there both 3 years old, goes to show you how much we dont like using them)
    I recieved some literature on the Z, looks like their new models are stainless steel

    boom worries me, however PG states their machine will spray a 9-10 foot pattern (in their dreams!)

    PG has very inconsistant ground speed which = stipped lawns

    I've talked with Tom many times (owner PG) I tell him i see the potential for a great machine. He says, yes, we're working on that, we know there are flaws. My point....sell me your machine AFTER you work out the flaws, not before. Well, he says, the new ultra is one that i will love....i ask him if i can do a trade in...he says, nope, but you can sell your older models on PG's web site. I think hmmmm.... he wont do a trade in? even he doesnt want these things?

    Hey, i dont know, i'm just tryin to make my life easier, ya know?
    The Z looks like a better machine, and i guess the old saying is true? "you get what you pay for?"

    Will see
  7. I still have the luxery of my DC fert n spray rig.

    I am not totally impressed, just don't put the machine down with incorrect info.

    I still have some hours left to decide.

    For striped lawns.....How ar you striping lawn?

    I have done that once and it was a large open area.

    Striped lawns come from not varying you application pattern, and under feeding the lawn.
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    Hey Lawn God.

    If you are happy with perma green power to you. In our operation we don't have the time to engineer someone else's product for them. That is why we went to the Z-Spray. P/G just needs to build something that doesn't look and operate like it was built in my garage. At $4,400.00 it is extremely overpriced. Also, the flowjet pump on the Z-Spray puts out 4.9 gpm at 0 psi. Not at 45 psi. Do the math.
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    i have no clue on what the arguement is about.. but how is it posible for a pump to put out 4.9gmp at 0 psi?
  10. Hey buddy "READ" next time. That pump will put out more if you hook to you car. 13.8 volts will change that. 4.9 gpm at 12 volt but what charging system put out exactly 12. Flojet calls it a 5gpm pump. 4300

    Also I can get 4gpm or even 4gal per 1000 at 30 psi on my 4300 no problem.

    You getting into an arguement with the wrong person.

    You're putting down the machine with assumtions.

    I am just happy right now, not impresed.

    Now what are all the things that are going wrong?

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