Ride- Push- Or Drag?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by DUSTYCEDAR, Mar 16, 2006.


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    with all of u guys using ride on type fertilizing machines r u getting ruts in the lawns?
    some of the machines weigh as much as a z-mower form the specs i see?
    have u gotten any complaints from customers about there lawn looking like a race track after an application?
    have u lost work due to using a riding machine {customer ask what u use on estimate and finds our its a rider and says not on my yard last guy messed it up with 1}
    have u ever come accost a customer that only wants a hose spray on the yard so it doesn't mess up the stripes the mow guys made?
  2. GrazerZ

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    I've never had a problem. I will just use the stripes as application markers if they work out right.
  3. MStine315

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    Usually the mow guys are the only one's mad if you mess up the stripes! I was worried about using a machine on some of my smaller lawns, but I don't really think anyone cares. I feel guilty sometimes, but I've never had anyone complain. In fact, I think using a machine sometimes puts you in a different class. i.e. "you have the technology."

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