rideon spreader/sprayer for St Augustine?

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    I have added several multi-acre properties recently to our client list. Currently we use a 600 gallon sprayer truck and do liquid fert, weed and insect control sprayed at 3 gallons minute per k.

    My question is: is anyone in Florida using a ride-on sprayer on St Augustine turf and getting/ keeping control of chinchbugs using the lower volume (1gal/k or less) that these machines usually put out. I know a golf course type sprayer would be best for the higher volume, but i dont think it would be nearly as manuverable which would kill the efficiency.

    I currently spray a combo of bifenthrin and imidacloprid for chinch bug control and my guess is the systemic qualities of the imidacloprid would be ok at the lower volumes but im not so sure about the bifenthrin.

    Im also not worried about the weed control with a rideon. In fact it will probably be better with lower volume.

    Anybody with experience, pros or cons?
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  2. Landscape Poet

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    I can not speak to the control of chinch bug as I do not care for any commercial jobs or the weed control but I have seen several companies using z-max style riders down here and the turf seems to have a attractive color. Given that I have seen more than a few using them I am guessing they work but I am sure maybe someone will come along and give you a first hand experience with it. I do know that one of the local chains use them for estate spraying and again I do not do any of the lawns they do but in the same neighborhood their lawns look tight. Heron pest control is the company in case you have them up there maybe you could ask one of their techs of the pro's and cons
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    The-Bug-Guy From Lakeland used a Perm A Green for one year and sold it. He wasn't happy with the results. I build a spread & Spray on a Walker mower years ago and wasn't happy with the spray part. The spreader still works great. But granular Chinch Bug control is too expensive.

    I am old school and believe in a lot of carrier. I rebuilt a 150 gallon Toro Golf Course sprayer and Finally calibrated it at 4 gallon a thousand after a lot of modification. Of course it has regular steering and can't be used on tight lawns. It does fill a need on medium sized Property. While I have done the 5 acre lots, Refill time is the Killer even with a Gasoline Transfer pumps and Large Nurse Tanks.

  4. Greg Amann

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    Here is a picture of a setup we have been using for years. The ZTR max is our 4th rig in 16 years. The tank on the F450 carries 600 gallons of water and the storage boxes carry alot of products including liquid fert. dry fert. herbicides, insecticides, etc. We run 2 gallons per 1,000 sq. ft. and it has been working for us for years.

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    Good looking rig! Our trucks are fabbed by Really Innovations as it looks like yours are. Did they build your ride on also?
    To apply your two gallons per thousand, how many thousand sq feet can you do per minute?
    I am coveting the LT rich zmax which looks like it can put out up to 1 gallon per k at 5 mph with the right tips. I guess i could slow it down and get more volume but it would be nice to do large properties as quickly as possible.
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  6. Greg Amann

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    Not sure how fast he is going. I have a young fellow who uses it. We calibrate it at 2 gallons per thousand. It has a 65 gallon tank that covers 32,000 sq. ft.. It is built by in Ocoee, just west of Orlando by Groundtek Equipment. http://gttruckandequipment.com/landscape.html
    The bed was done by Really Innovations.

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    Couple more questions...
    Are you applying a liquid fert/iron/herbicide/ insecticide out of the rideon? Also what type of tips are on the machine?
    I found one youtube video about this machine and it looks very productive.
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  8. BocaChris

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    I have been using the Z-Max for 4 years now and absolutely love it. We treat weeds out of the 1/3 gallon nozzles and have sprayed Arena the past 3 years out of the 1 gallon nozzles with great success.
  9. bugsNbows

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    We always have some soluble fertilizer in the tank...but the analysis varies seasonally. Insecticides vary as we try to get two rounds of Imidacloprid out first as SCB suppression. After that, it may be Bifen or whatever for general purpose insect population management. We do also run post-emergent herbicides out of the unit when temps allow. Tips are Quick Tee Jet TFVS10. Hope this helps.

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