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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by mezammit, Mar 8, 2007.

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    A couple of years ago I started cutting grass on my own. I always liked to work outdoors I used to work for a company but I decided to go off on my own.I bought a 36' exmark walk behind new from my dealer. Now I am in the market to buy a bigger mower(used). I am undecided whether to buy another bigger walk behind or step up to a zero turn. What I am worried about is if my customers will like the fact that I am now using a rider. I like the rider because it would be a big help in the fall with clean up's but I don't want to loose business because of it. I do all residential about 40 customers in two days but this year I would like to do a lot more.The two mowers I am looking at are either a 52 or 60 turf tracer or a 52 or 60 lazer.
    Thanks , MIKE
  2. pclawncare

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    I dont understand why they would care about what type of mower you are using as long as you dont rut their yard and it looks good. If they dont like it then i dont know what to tell you. I havent had any problems yet anyway. Kind of like going to a resturant and telling the cheft he has to use an electric stove insted of natural gas stove. As long as the job gets done and works good i dont know what would madder, but thats just me

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    From my view and customers, I don't think they really care what you use even if its a push mower, just as long as it looks good.
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    Id go with a walk behind mower there cheaper and better to use on smaller properties. I only use my ZTR on larger jobs

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