Riders vs. Walkbehinds...my experience after one season

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PR0 TURF, Jan 11, 2013.

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    depends on what you mean by best of both worlds...if you mean it's a stander AND a walk behind then no, it's not the best of both worlds...you will use it as a stander unless there is a reason you must use it as a walk behind, the walk behind function is almost worthless, not traction at all, would probably cause more damage than riding...if you mean it's the best of both worlds because it's technically a rider (same category as a ztr) and a walk behind, a hybrid if you will, then i would agree...it's lighter than a ztr but can go as fast and is much more nimble...i switched mainly because our customers would rather see us on a stander than a ztr, a ztr scares off a lot of people...

    i like the idea of a velke behind a walk behind, but it's basically the same concept as a stander but a stander is one unit and is much shorter, and not a whole lot more $...if you look at wrights they are pretty simple and easily accessible...buy a bunch of the same machine and buy common replacement parts, streamline it
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    Cool season grasses we get to double and tipple cut all the time here. The real fun is when you need to double cut while bagging. I know it's hard for some to believe but grass here can grow over a foot in a week. I can cut you on Friday at 3.5 inches come back next Friday and the lawn is 18 inches. It's kind of hard to make that disappear. Now are they all that bad no but enough are to make owning a ZTR with a bagging system a necessity. This may seem warped and a tad mean but we do love coming to a lawn when the lawn next door is being done by walk-behinds and they have half done already and we beat them and leave before them. Always brings a smile to my face watching some one drool.

    Now do I care weather you use walk-behinds, standers or ZTRS nope thats every ones personal decision. I just don't like when one side starts claiming moral high ground and claiming they and they alone know the best way to mow a lawn. I never will understand the maneuverability arguments, say my mower is 60 inches and I'm bagging with a trac vac that has a shoot on the side that sticks out about 8 inches. That means anything 6 feet wide or wider I can pull in and back out with out any clippings going anywhere but in my barrel. How is that not maneuverable?

    Now on to the ESC handles yes they are better than the pistol grips but only on the hydro, the belt drive mowers with them suck. Yes iv had both and most of my hours were with pistol grips but that said ESC still hurts your hands you can not compare squeezing the grip to simply holding a foam rubber coated control stick. And you can not steer a walk-behind one handed you can with a ZTR and I do it all the time in fall with the other hand holding a rope to keep the leaf plow from buckling.
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    :laugh::laugh: I thought the same thing reading Whiff's statements. Getting back to your original point, I have used walk-behinds since my company's founding. Don't forget one more benefit for using a WB--you can mow significant slopes with one.

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    I think to truly be the moest efficient you need both , we run a 60 zero turn a 52 walkbehind with sulky and 2 30" toro timemaster push mowers , use to run the 20 till last year when they came out with the 30 , this setup all fits on a 14 ft trailer and will cover most needs unless you are cutting soccer fields or something big and open , those accounts we take a 72 zero turn and the 60 zero turn. just my opinion I think you should have both. never used the standers yet demoed one from gravely , the old model pro stance , not the one with a folding platform , did not do well on slopes at all so we did not mess with them.
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    I have pretty much owned it all over the last 25 to 30 years and each type of mower has pros and cons but overall for doing all types of mowing a 36 WB with a 52 or 48 stander ( A good lighter weight design ) model and a fast 72 ZTR is the most productive setup I know of.

    A 72 Z a good fast one $ for $ is the best mower I have ever owned by far. It cuts more grass and makes more money with the least amount of cost.
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    I've thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts in this highly opinionated thread. We don't all mow the same exact type of properties, in the same conditions, with the same operators and get paid the same rate by our customers. There are many unique factors that we each face and it is our job as business owner's to do the research and determine which will work best for our company. It's not all about which is the fastest way to get it done, or which is the cheapest way to get it done. We each need to make the decision on which is the BEST way to get it done for our company & clients. What is working well for a contractor in New Hampshire may not work well for one in Cleveland, and vice versa. At the end of the day we are all basically fighting the same battle so it's nice to hear how others are handling it, it helps spark some new ideas. There are some smart people on here, I'm learning a lot reading everyone's thoughts.

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    Great thread. We don't run WB's because we bag almost everything, properties that don't get bagged are usually larger than 5 acres. Both sides have a point, as for an employee quitting because of the way I do things.... They know where the door is :waving:
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    Oh ya.. Ferris is the best
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    Scag Pro V is the best on your hands and it a great mower.
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    I agree with you on that point. Quick question: there has been alot of talk on Lawnsite about Scag pulling the plug on the Pro-V. Have you heard anything from your dealer about this? I thought of getting one, but then again.....

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