ridiculous laws in tennesee

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by X-mow, Jun 28, 2003.

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    tennesse law says you have to work under a licensed company for 2 years or have a bachelors degree (4 years college) before you can be Licenced to spray lawn chemicals,etc.

    How on earth can someone SELF-EMPLOYED work 2 years for someone else or go to school 4 years. It's a real inconvenience to have to sub-contract every little spray job, any other way to do this?
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    I agree with the bs degree being a crock , a degree makes you qualified to run a spray company , yeah right . I know a guy with a PhD in agronomy that killed almost 200 lawns in a three day period about ten years ago . I don't believe that people should be handed a license just because they think they should have one . I thought I knew a lot before I got certified and was I ever wrong . My knowledge now is ten times what it was five years ago and now I am licensed to qualify a company .

    In Arizona you can pay a person for the use of their pest control license for a fee of $2-500 a month . This is a very easy solution to get the experience required . If you can find a person with a inactive license approach them about renting their license .
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    we have the same laws in Michigan right now and that is what my post is about below a couple of threads. You can become a commerical applicator, but in order for the business to received a pesticide license you have to have one of two things.

    1. work for another licensed business for 2 years
    2. work for another busines for 1 year and have a 4 year college degree in relation to pesticide management

    I am lucky enough that I found someone that I am going to work for part time, but it's just a pain.

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