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Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by maintenanceguy, Jul 3, 2007.

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    After 3 years of submitting it in my annual budget, I've finally had $10K approved to spend on a riding field striper.

    I've looked at several and don't know what one would be best. I'd like some recommendations.

    Here's the features I would like to have:

    Front mounted paint spray head. My painting guy has been walking a front mounted paint sprayer for 30 years and is insistant that front mounted is what he wants. I've tried walking both types and I like front mounted better too.

    I prefer an electric pump over an air pressure system. I've had bad luck with air pressure sprayers needing constant work. Infact, I converted our walking field sprayer to an electric pump last year because I got tired of dealing with the air leaks.

    I need an attached hand spray wand for football hatchmarks, the corners of soccer fields, and the giant school letter we paint on the football field for homecoming.

    It needs to be simple to clean without making a mess. I'd like to be able to purge the spray heads with clean water for lunch breaks or if we have to stop painting to handle something else for a little while.

    We paint at two sites about a mile from each other so I need it to be easy to load and unload from a landscaping trailer.

    Any advice appreciated. Our fiscal year just started and I'm anxious to get this machine before my budget gets eaten up in another departments emergency.
  2. drelgan

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    I would like to see some input on this also. I am looking to add one to my budget.
  3. KGR landscapeing

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    www.pioneerathletics.com either the 5000 or you can look at the kromer line with a kromer you can get alot of diffrent attachments there also the way to go for paint

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