Riding mower vs Zero turn?


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What do you guys think about riding mowers versus zero turns. Thinking of buying a 48 inch john deer or husqavana riding mower. They are less than 2200 versus a 48 inch exmark or scag for $5000-$7000.


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Middle East TN
Now you said husq riding mower. Are you talking about a residential lawn mower? Wouldn't use a residential mower for anything as a commercial unit.


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Go with a ztr if you have the cash! Back when I lived in the U.S. I moved from a 1 acre property to a 3 acre property. The 1 acre used to take me an hour and a half. with no obsticles but the fence. The 3 acres had over 30 oak trees on it. took me almost 5 hours to cut with huskee 42" mower. Bought a 60" hustler ztr. 1hour ten minutes. I had money back then. LOL.