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Riding Mowers VS. Walk Behind


LawnSite Member
Hey I was wondering what the advantage or disadvantage of walk behinds vs. riding mowers are? I know some of you talk alot about walk behinds 36". Do the walk behinds leave less divits or marks or is it the price? What about a 36 zero turn rider would you buy one or just go with a walk behind? Thanks, sorry if this has been asked a dozen thousand times.:drinkup:


LawnSite Senior Member
wooster ohio
well there all about the same but the rider will weigh more and you sit down

the walker you will walk or get something to stand on and just stand

price the walker is cheaper

it just what you like better to stand or sit. i like to sit when i mow bigger places but with the price of a BIG zero turn i would rather stand on a sulie or whatever there called

i just got a used 50inch walking mower for $600 in great condition came from an old guy that had a 3 acre lawn and got tired of walking it so he went out and get a 60inch new zero turn mower.

pretty much it is what ever you wanna get/can afford


LawnSite Bronze Member
The 36 WB's weigh less and cost less and let you do gated yards..What type of properties are you cutting ?