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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by odin, May 14, 2002.

  1. When the right gas tank is turned on our lazer hp the motor in a few minutes of use quits like it has run out of gas.The tank is full of gas.
    Doesnt do it on the the left tank the left tank runs fine
    Could the value that switches the tanks and turns off the gas gone bad?
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    Recheck your switch, because they are different from the older ones. With the older ones, all the way to the right was for the right tank, and the middle setting was OFF. Now, it READS from left to right, as you are sitting on the machine. All the way to the LEFT is your LEFT tank, the MIDDLE setting is your RIGHT tank, and all the way to the right is OFF.
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    Check for a pinched fuel line, or a faulty gas cap. Try switching caps from side to side. If the cap vent is clogged, it will not be able to flow gas out of the bottom.

    Other than that, check for a clog at the fuel tank outlet.
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    All great ideas. If you have a Lazer HP the valve should function as follows right swing, right tank, left swing, left tank and straight down should be off. If you turn it straight up you just broke it, don't do that.

    BE CAREFUL when working with fuel and take some basic measures to be safe or better yet take it to your dealer for repair. You don't want to dump a tank full of gas all over your, your shop or your driveway. Let your dealer inspect the valve, hose, cap, and fuel pickup screen. While he's doing that have him inspect the fuel lines, and all connections and fittings.

    Like I said be careful. The fuel today is not like the fuel we all grew up with. The stuff today has more chemicals added that make it more volatile and go to vapor more quickly. The vapor is what burns and the vapor is what will get you. You can smell it but you can't see it. If you check these things yourself make sure everyone around you knows what your doing so Goober doesn't come walking over to help with a big stogey in his mouth.


  5. thanks everybody sometimes the most obvious things are the ones you dont think about ,so TLS your gas cap post when i read it i said to myself why didnt i check the cap, well that was what it was.
    Switched caps and the right tank kept working.
    So thanks terry ,runner and tls.
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    Why do I somehow get an image of the guy from King Of The Hill. You know, the guy with the sunglasses and baseball cap, who always has a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.:D
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    you mean dale? the paranoid who's son is very dark complected like the pool guy but he isn't suspicious? lol

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