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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ArTurf, Aug 18, 2012.

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    I have been thinking of using something to discourage tree limbs from growing out into lanes used for deer hunting. I notice the power line companies use something of this nature. It does not kill the entire tree just the limb growing out toward the line. I am guessing they are using something like Diquat? Any of you do anything similar to this, if so what are you using? Not wanting to kill the entire plant just the limbs growing out toward the shooting lane.
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    Sythe (sp?) or diluted roundup. I do a ton of ROW areas to keep briars and trees from encroaching on our HOA's...I just use roundup. The power co here uses something that does a total kill.
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    They could be using something in the PGR line......the Abscissic acid line. You can play with plant hormone products to achieve what result you want. There is a product for Growing fruit and leaves, a product to remove leaves, and a product to ripen fruit.
    Check into the Plant Growth Hormone line of products from your supplier and do something safely. I think you are wanting the same product that we called "Sucker Eliminator!"
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    Part of my income is from being a Chemical Mowing Consultant to a Very Large ROW company that does our State and Local Hwy.

    Proper ROW terminology would be Chemical Side Trimming the Line of road. There are several PGR on the market that do the job. Trimtect is the one we use. The AI is "Paclobutrazol". Yes it only stunts or controls growth on the side you apply it to.
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    Thanks Ric,
    I couldn't think of that product........I went brain dead while typing.
    I don't do this type of sales as our city just hires the usual Asplundh company(sp.) to do line and right of way work. They want all limbs, branches,etc. 50 feet from utility wires. Along city alleys, they want it dead to the ground.
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    Diquat is also a good trimming agent, but it is toxic. From what I understand, low rates of straight Triclopyr will kill only the branches it is sprayed on. Mixed with Picloram or Imazapyr and the whole tree goes.

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