Right or Wrong?


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For the 2004 season, myself and 3 other lawncare providers have agreed to provide our services to our church to save approx. 7 to 8K annually since we are beginning a new building project. We plan to do this for a minimum of 5 years. The only concern here is the company who has done it for the past 15 or so years and will now loose this business is also the same dealer who three of us deal with in purchasing and servicing our equipment. Eventhough we are not doing it from a profit standpoint I am concerned that they will harbor negative feelings. I plan to talk to them about our reasoning but what are your thoughts?


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Its a church I would hope that what is preached inside would carry on outside the doors explain your position that your doing it non profit and hope the other guys not a hypocrite
Good Luck.


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boise idaho
Let the church explain their position first. If they think there will be hard feelings then talk to them personally. Remember you are the dealers customer not the other way around.


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If they had it for 15 years, I think somewhere along the line they didn't think they would hold the account forever. Let the church explain the position to them. I think they will understand ..It would be different if you were cutting their price so low just to take the work from them. We try to donate time and materials to our church, but the old farts on the committee boards think the grounds look fine the way they are.There is one turf area left, 350 sqft, that they will not get rid of, so they have someone come and cut it every two weeks or so.Do what you can to help where it's appreciated. BTW-Your dealer depends on you, not the other way around.

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