Right price on stander?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by maelawncare, Jun 18, 2005.

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    There is a guy localy that is selling a 97 - 99 wright stander. Its the 52 with a 18hp briggs vanguard. He said that he bought it a year ago from a dealer. And the dealer used it as a demo to sell new ones. It only has 78 hrs on it, or so the tach says. Hes only hasking $2k. Do you think its worth it?
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    If I was told correctly, look at the top of the hydro pumps and see waht color the bands are. If they are red, I think there were a few problems in the earlier models with the pumps overheating or something like that. The Standers are great mowers, I have 2, but they are a '03 and an 04. 18HP on a 52" might be a little underpowered for mulching as well. I'd offer him 13-1500.00, and ask for an on site demo to run it through its paces before buying as well. 78 hrs is enticing in itself, but check it out. I'm sure once this is bumped, itsgottobegreen will enlighten us a little further than my knowledge goes :D
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    If its a 97 there will be little tiny front casters and no black foam bar in front of the pumps to protect your legs. I wouldn't buy one that old for more than $1500

    If its a 98 (I have one) it will have the large adjustable casters and the foam bar. $2000 is a fare price. And a much better machine.

    18hp will get you by. I have 17hp kawis. I am a fan of kawi motors. I really don't like briggs that much.

    The only problem with the 97 to 01 standers is they don't have the deck reinforcement parts. You can get them from wright to weld on to prevent the deck from cracking. I did and it was about 2 hours to weld them on.

    Impact the red motors you are thinking about are the new style motor mounts for the sentar. They painted them red so you could tell if any of the sentar 1 had the upgraded parts.

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