Right time of year to start a lawn service?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Charles Jackson III, Apr 16, 2014.

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    I kind of agree, but one thing about him, he tells it like it is. He may come off as abrasive, or rude, or confrontational, but it is truth. He is right on the edge of "wow, what a dick" and "This guy knows his ****". I do hope your grammar and vocabulary is better in person than it is on here though. Its difficult to come off as professional when the wrong words are used, especially in written communications.

    That being said, and back to your original question... I think its a little late to be starting. Sure, you could pick up a few customers, but the time to put a company together is before the company has work to do. When I decided to get started, I did my research, learning, etc from fall to winter. During the winter I went equipment shopping, got the legal stuff worked out, insurance shopping, bank accounts etc. Beginning of March I pulled the trigger on everything. Had fliers printed, insurance started, equipment purchased, trailer was built, practiced on my equipment in my yard, etc etc. When the calls came in, I was confident, when it was time to work, I had a plan. I hit the ground running spring 2013. So far so good...
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    I like my Exmarks and stihls maybe add a hand held blower.

    It might be easier to say when the hardest times are to start .
    In Ohio. work is slowest in Augest january Febuary .
    I never worked for a city . but most the work i have seen them do was hack jobs in parks . It will be a different ball game when your at someone house. Chargen them $30 to $40 a hour .
    What do you do in the winter months now ?
    And does the city have you trim shrubbery, edge beds and apply mulch .. the things a customer may ask you to do .
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    Everyone has different goals and different ways of getting to the point where they are comfortable. Planning is good. For my situation, i didn't have time to plan; had to mow out of my car. Get out there and do it, and you'll learn how to be more efficient and effective. Now, I am able to plan.
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    I work year round with the city, I know how to cut scrubs, and plant flowers. Yes the city don't have the best of cutters. In the winter we get up leaves, and pick up tree limbs. But most of the time we don't work if it get to cold.
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    Hey Man............follow your Heart!

    And use the City Truck for now.
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    I drive a city truck LOL!
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    I don't understand all the bashing of the OP, I admire people that make things happen from nothing.
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    I agree with you Larry. Not everyone has the ideal equipment for the job, but we all have to start somewhere, just a few years ago i was in the same positions as the OP. Yes i was 12, but at least i wanted to get out and work. It's awesome to see people actually get up and work, in a lot of people on this site, it's their living, how they feed their familys. I would say 60% of my friends won't even think about work. Sorry got a little off topic there.
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    This is the very reason why I suggested for the OP to contact score.org The members of score will not ridicule or make snide or stupid remarks towards people that actually want help, like some members on this forum routinely do
    Since the OP has stated that he has experience with this industry score can steer him in the right direction if he is willing to make the call and schedule an appointment. I would also suggest that when the OP calls score that he ask about any mentoring programs available for more one on one assistance.
    The cost is still free, other than the OP'S time and future.
    easy-lift guy
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    What the heck is score?

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