Ring Fungus Circle In Lawn

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    Once every 3 years seems to do the trick. It is proven to work on Take All but could help on others. Can not hurt to try it.
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    Thank you very much,

  3. Duekster

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    I think the trials are with sphagnum

    Keep us informed on how the peat works.
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    Nothing wrong with what has been said, but bring your same question, maintenance schedule to your local extension agency to get a second opinion before proceeding.

    Having a local knowledge base is essential to a plan of action, by first identifying the cause and it's effect. It's essential to determine whether the problem is a disease, and if so, which disease.
  5. Toro 455

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    It's a very "lush" lawn but not a particularly healthy lawn. With all that watering and fertilizer it's a wonder you don have infestation of insects or disease.
    This is a case where less gives you more.
    With that much watering & fert the roots aren't going to penetrate much below the thatch layer.

    Here's what I'd do:

    1. Get a soil test. Check the box on the envelope for "high maintenance"

    2. Core aerate. Then apply fert indicated by test results.

    3. Reduce frequency of watering. Typically 1" once per week. Or as recommended by your local county extension office.

    You have a condition where fairy rings could be the least of your problems. You need a hardier lawn. If you establish a good root zone you'll need to mow less, and have less thatch. It shouldn't be necessary to detatch a bluegrass/fescue lawn.

    If all you're concerned about is the appearance of the fairy rings, apply cheleated iron. It'l turn the rest of the lawn green enough to hide the rings, though they'll grow taller.
    You'll have fairy rings until the dead stump or whatever it is decays away.
    Let them run their course.
  6. Mark Oomkes

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    In addition to morning watering, watering less, aerating, peat moss; I would recommend switching to an organic fertilizer. Feed the microbes instead of the plant. It won't make the fairy rings go away, but it will help with the overall health of the lawn.

    And as stated, if you are really having a thatch buildup even with aeration, you are doing something wrong.
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    is what we do for fungus area is overseed with a perennial rye it is resistant to most fungus, cover with peat moss, just a thin layer, and in a month or less, you'll never notice anything
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