RIP: Jessi James, help me design a memorial garden please

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Recon Scapes, Nov 16, 2006.

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    One of my best friends and ex girlfriend, who was a senior at Lassiter highschool recently passed away in a car accident in marietta, GA. I've known her for a long time and today was the funeral and it was almost more than I could take. I'm really close to her family and promised to help them out in anyway I could. I've gathered a group of highschool students and co-workers together to clean up their back yard and design a memorial garden complete with an arbor and swing in memory of Jessi James. attached is a picture of this beautiful girl. She was signed up as an organ donor and her vital organs were donated to other needy patients in hopes to save others lives. With a heart the size of the ocean and a giant smile that could make any cold rain day turn warm it's my request that anyone on this forum with the ability to design landscape to design her a garden that Jessi's family can enjoy from time to time in rememberance of their daughter and allow her loving friends a time to work hard and give her one last good bye. thank you lawn

    **back yard is full sun, will post pictures tomorrow.


    Recon Scapes
    Willie Linton and all Jessi's friends and family.
    personal - 770-369-0985
    email -

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    Sorry , i am just a dirt donkey not a designer. But i am sorry for your loss. I hope you design goes good. doug
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    Email me at and I'll help you out. Put Lawnsite Forum in the subject line; my spam filter is way too aggressive.

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    I just tried to PM you but it said that you can not receive them yet. Call John Hatfield or Rex Bishop at North Metro Tech and tell them what you want to do for your friend. They might design something for you or let their design class come up with something for you. John is the instructor for the design class but Rex is the department head over the Hort department. Give them a call
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    I just saw memorial someone made for their mother. It was about a 6' X 8' flagstone patio with a small bench and bird-bath on it. On the back edge of the patio there was a small plant bed with a rose of sharon and some daylillies. Something that was very nice and practical. Sorry I don't have a pic.
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    My name is Matt Martin, (owner) The Elements Group. i am a horticulturist and also went to lassiter , use to live in chimney springs then went to pope . i can be reached at 706 -968 - 6238 i would love to do this project for you and for her family and friends please contact me to set up a meeting thank you and may God comfort all of you who are suffering! or contact me via e-mail

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    Sorry for your loss
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    This thread is over 2 years old... memorial is probably due for some freshening up though.

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