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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by dozerman21, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. dozerman21

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    I know this might be better suited for the Landscaping forum, but I thought I would ask it here since I know several of you guys probably lay this from time to time.

    I've got a couple of jobs that I need to give estimates on for laying rip rap with fabric. The rock ranges in size from 6"-12". It will all be laid by hand.

    I'm not sure what the dimensions are, I'd just like to know what to charge per foot (or however you price it), for both the rock and the fabric.
  2. qps

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    You'll have a heart attack when you price the fabric, I bought a roll years back and it was outrageous....depends on the area your trying to lay it and so forth...get me some detailed specs and I can PM you a ballpark of what we would charge...
  3. ksss

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    Let me give you a couple hints that I have found work great when laying that oversized rock. Use a mini ex to move the rock around once you have it in the planter or whatever your putting it into. Placing by hand sucks and takes way too long on a big job. The other thing is I like using a hand torch to cut the fabric with, much cleaner and easier than with a knife. As far as price it really depends. Material costs, trucking size of job. There usually is a fair amount of money in the jobs like that due to the labor involved.
  4. dozerman21

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    Thanks. I'll PM ya after I get a couple of measurements. It will be a week or two before I make it down to look at it (Mooresville). It's been a long time since I've done any work with rip rap. I prefer to spread stone with a bucket or a blade, but if the price is right, I'll tackle it!:cool2:

    KSSS- You're right about the mini-X, but I don't have one... but hope to someday. I'll use my loader to carry the stone as close as possible. I haven't seen the job yet, but it sounds like I'll have some room to place the stone close to where it goes. I'm more concerned with what I should charge for the actual placement of the stone, along with laying the fabric. Thanks for the tip with the hand torch. Sounds like a good idea.

    BTW, it doesn't sound like this is a huge area. I'll have at least 2 laborers helping. By the way the customer talks, it can probably be done in half a day, but I'll know more when I see it.
  5. RockSet N' Grade

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    Dozerman.....I love it when a client tells me how long the job is gonna take! They usually don't know s#it from shinola, but their brother-in-law knows a contractor who know the rest. If it can be done in a half day, ya gotta figure it will probably take the whole day plus some.......just getting the material there, rough graded, fabric layed, rip-rap roughed out and then final fill in and cover usually takes more than ya figure.....I will ask around tomorrow for sq. ft. prices around here.........lots of that going on, all of it seems to be done with a hoe around here with a couple laborers doing fill in and final placement behind the hoe..........
  6. Scag48

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    I completely stopped listening to customers who tell me how long it will take and how to do the job. I had one guy that had balls enough to come out and question our $3,000 laser, he said grade was way off and I was within 2-3 passes from finishing. Once people start hassling me about what I'm doing I've threatened to walk from jobs, doesn't help that I'm a young guy, I'm a target for people to question my knowledge in the industry.
  7. SiteSolutions

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    I'd figure in renting the hoe. I have customers that I do regular work for with my loader; when they need mini ex work I price it plus $200 for the rental. I tell them that's what it's for and they pay it. Sometimes they hire somebody else, often they hire me cause they know I can have both machines up there and it will do the job better. Sounds like a $200 rental is going to be a footnote on an expensive job like this anyway, although I have no idea how much rip rap they are talking about. Just my two cents:)
  8. Construct'O

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    Here rip rap is about $7.50 a ton and hauling is $10.00 a ton,so your talking $17.50 a ton for the rip rap.Without my book here, i think the fabric was like $400 to $500 for a 20' by 100' roll( not sure about) the roll size.Sorry?

    If your using rip rap i take it your job has to do with a sloped area.If there is room,i say if ? Use your loader,which i think is a backhoe loader right? If you can reach the work area?

    Try to place the larger rip rap with the loader then save the finer stuff to full in the voids between the larger rip rap.If it is a slope maybe you can use the backhoe to place the fines in between the larger stuff.

    Might have to carry some fines(smaller rip rap) up to top of slope and stalk pile to spread with the backhoe bucket.Key is to get the fines spread in the voids.

    Might have to do some hand work,but you would be surprised how it will look after the fines are in place.Good luck.
  9. dozerman21

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    RSG and Scag- The customer didn't tell me how long it would take. I've had that happen too in the past, and I ignore it. He just described the bank off his driveway where he wants the rip rap installed, and going by his description, it doesn't sound like a huge area. I'll have a good idea after I see it, but I'm sure I can do it all in a day, including transport and set up. I'll be using my CT332 to place it. If it were a bigger job, or if it turns out that I can't place it too close with my CTL, I would/will rent a mini-X. I can price everything including the stone, any necessary grading, etc... I just don't know what to charge for the labor of installing the fabric and rock.

    Thanks for the help!
  10. SiteSolutions

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    I tell folks that I charge the same whether I am riding in my machine or working on the ground. Helps ward off too much hand work, and then if someone wants to pay it, I don't feel so bad doing hand work knowing I am making machine rates and not having machine expenses. I'm actually doing a job tomorrow which will involve about 2 hours of hand labor besides the machine work. Not thrilled about it but sometimes gotta do what you gotta do to get the job; this guy has been a steady customer for most of the time I have been in operation and has helped me get from part time to full time, so that's even more reason to help him out.

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