ripping out bushes?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by mikey, Feb 23, 2002.

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    i had a potential cust. ask me if i could take out her bushes in front of her house a sole prop.What would i have to fo to start ive nec=ver tried this b4..they are about 40ft long and maybe 2 ft wide.first of all where do i start..i was thinkin of gwttting a chainsaw and cut them down tyo their root..then i gotta break my back to dig out the root..then after all the roots are out what do i put in the hole?Soil....also what would u charge for this service?40ft long by 2 ft wide that should give u all an idea of what they lookk like...they're those bushes that u trim every other week or so those commmon ones everyone has..
    any advice and what i should charge....i might be able to get another guy to help me to so where do i start

  2. stslawncare

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    hook up to ur truck and drive away :)))))) drill a hole and put some salt in the roots? only alternatives i can think of
  3. ohiolawnguy

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    when you say common bushes everyone as, that leads me to believe they are taxus yews. or possibly mock orange? i guess how to go about it deends on how long they have been there. ask to see if the person knows how long they have been there. that may help to decide how best to remove them.

    lets assume plants have been there ten years or so.

    before we begin work, i would call local utilties comissiom to have central locating systems or other companies come out and mark where gas lines, electric, things of that nature are.

    two possible options here. first off,you could rent a small stup grinder. then, with chainsaw you could just cut to groud, and begin to grind away this way is quick, but not as simple as grinding out a single tree. clean up debris, and fill with dirt again.

    second option, and probably the better route to choose. start by digging around one of the plants as close as possible to the base. this may require cutting out some branches for ease of acess to dig. without hitting roots. then after digging say 6-8 inches deep, see if the plant wont start to move. who knows, they may just come right out, but not likely. if not, dig a larger trench, and with loppers, or maddux begin cutting some of the roots.

    then, i would hook up chain to truck, preferable the hitch, or some part of the will need two people for this. one in the truck, and other at the plant being worked on. put some tension on the chains. then, you slowly keep digging around, and cutting roots. every so often,truck should try to pull and see if plant will raise up out of the ground

    note: DO NOT STAND BETWEEN TRUCk AND PLANTS WHEN TRUCK IS TRYING To PULL!!!! extremely dangerous to do so. chain could give at any time, from the plant,or the truck. continue this wih all plants till removed, and refill holes with dirt.

    also, you dont want to just back up truck, put in gear, and just ram it forward ten feet. may cause damage to truck. the idea would be to let tension off just enough so chain has minor slack, then pull forward. once one plant is out, go onto the next one.then fill with dirt, and your done.

    my point to all this is that you dont want the money you make off the job to go directly back into repairs on the truck.

    good luck, and be careful if you use a chain.

  4. little green guy

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    I did a job last year where we had to take out about 13 6-10' foot tall butterfly bushes. I used a skid steer, wrapped a chian around the bottom of the bush and hooked it to the bucket and pulled striaght up. I had another guy that would hook the chian on and I ran the machine, we had them all out in less than a half hour. I was redoing the entire landscape so i wasn't to worried about the yard with the machine but it worked well. I don't know if this would work in your situation but it's an idea, also a mini excavtor might also work well to dig them out. If your doing this alone i would definity try to do it the least labor intensive way possible.
  5. PAPS

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    We use our bobcat or mini excavator for removing shrubs, bushes, trees etc. May I suggest leaving the shrub in-tact, you get more leverage when pushing/pulling with a skid-steer. Then once the shrub is out.. cut it up.;)
  6. cuttingedgelawncare

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    I am suprised i did not hear any of you suggest tying them up with twine and digging them out with a spade..........large bush 10-15 years old 30-45 min each. anything smaller with the ground in the right condition will take anywhere from 5-20 min.
    we charge by the hour and try to estimate for how many bushes.
    tying them up is the best way to go about it, no matter how you dig them up or pull them out. why...... ?.........once they are out of the ground just pitch them on the trailer in one bundle with out picking up alot of debris. I do not own any heavy equipment like skid steers and would not pull them out with my f-250
  7. thfireman

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    When I was starting out I got a job pulling old shrubs from a median at the entrance to a neighborhood. Let me tell you, if you dont have heavy equipment it is not going to be easy if they have been in the ground for years. I used my truck and and a rope!! WARNING: DO NOT USE ROPE! I learned that rope stretches. The first thing that happened was it came loose and propelled a hook I had put on it to help secure it. The hook flew at the speed of sound and hit the cab of my truck just above the rear window. BIG DENT AND BROKEN BACK GLASS!! DO NOT USE ROPE!!! It could have hit me in the head instead! I was lucky. Use a chain and pull a little and dig a little. Thats the best method.

    I also have used a come along hand winch and hooked it to a large tree and then to the shrub. You still need to pull a little and dig a little.

  8. mdb landscaping

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    i usually rip out large bushes with the truck and a chain. wrap the chain around the stem and the trailer hitch, and use a low gear to pull them out so you dont spin the tires on the lawn.
  9. hollywood

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    all good ways mentioned here. we take out smaller peices by hand, and larger ones with a chain and loader. if the shrubs are not going to be transplanted, we chainsaw some of the side branches off to allow access to stump of the plant and dig a radial ditch around the base. next we take a six foot digging bar and work the roots up by pushing againt the backside of the trench for leverage. do this the entire circumference and they should pop right out. backfill with soil as necessary to bring the hole up to grade.
  10. Foster

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    I took out a hedge with a skidsteer and an attachment called an ez digger. Purchased it from the inventor who has now sold it to the Bobcat people. It was 24 inches wide, U shaped design. (I even transplanted small trees with it) Filled in the trench with soil, back dragged with the bucket. Every job is different though...

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