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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by bigviclbi, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. bigviclbi

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    Hey guys i was wondering if you have some kind of per sq. foot pricing for ripping up concrete that would help me get a quicker estimate. I can fill a 20 yard dumpster for $300.00. I am wondering about driveways where its poured thick. How many much concrete(yards and tons) would you get if you ripped up a 10x100x6"deep driveway? Would $1.00 a square foot on big jobs be good? I think I'm around there but usually just try to figure it out myself on manhours, materials, disposal.
  2. hosejockey2002

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    About 19 yards, give or take. Figuring that broken concrete weighs 150 lbs. per cubic foot (this is estimating a little on the high side), you are looking at around 77,000 pounds. If you put that much weight in a dumpster the disposal company will just laugh when they show up to get it. Check with the disposal company to see what the weight capacity of their dumpster is. Breaking up 6" thick concrete is a lot of work. I'd rent a skidsteer with a breaker attachment, break up the concrete, and put the bucket on the skidsteer and load the dumpster. I can't help with a price, it boils down to what your disposal costs are, which can vary widely.
  3. treedoc1

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    Machine accessable or compressor and jack hammer is how we charge $5 sq ft.

    roll off averages $500 20-30 yarder around here

    You will spend the full $1000 on tip fees alone at $1 sq ft.

    If lbi in your name means Long Beach Island, you are not digging in sand anymore fella...Demolition is not fun...get paid for it.
  4. captaingreen

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    Since it was brought up I would like you guys opinion on the dumpster rates I was just quoted by local company:
    $75.00 dump fee + $32.50 per ton + $2.10 rental per day
    max fill on 20 yd. dumpster is 10,000 lbs. per dump
    assuming you filled the dumpster full the cost would be $402.10 per dump
    I put together an estimate for a small patio/walkway and the disposal fee for waste came to around $900. Does that seem high?
  5. bigviclbi

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    from nj
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    Thanks guys. for the info. Yeah Treedoc I'm on LBI but I'm moving to northern virginia, I see the prices you guys charge down there :D I guess $1.00 is too low, but like i said I always try to bid by manhours and disposal fees so I haven't lost any money yet. I ripped up close to 2500 sq. ft of driveway and filled 4 20 yarders. Now that was FUN.
  6. captaingreen

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    I'm confused :dizzy: . If you ripped out 2500 sq. ft. concrete multiplied by 150 lbs. per sq. ft.= 375,000 lbs. divided by four dumpsters= 93,750 lbs. per dumpster?
    I'm still fairly new to this so (currently working an estimate for demo of concrete patio) please help if my numbers are wrong, I'm assuming they are.
  7. ksmmoto

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    Hey captaingreen,

    hosejockey2002 said 150 lbs per CUBIC foot, you figured square foot. If you divided 150 by 12 you get 12.5 lbs for every inch thick square foot.

    Four inch thick square foot weighs 50 lbs, six inch thick weighs 75 lbs.


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