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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by pblc, Nov 1, 2010.

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    We are located in western kentucky and had a new lawn construction (till and seed) scheduled for this fall. But we are waiting on an irrigation guy to install his system before we can proceed and this is not finished yet. So it looks like we will be installing the lawn in the spring, because I don't want to take the chance this late in the fall.

    What are the risks to seeding in the spring? The irrigation system will be in place so proper watering will not be a problem throughout the year.
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    I've seeded in the fall and in the spring. Have always had better luck in the fall as the spring grass always ends up dying on me.

    Its only November bud, we will still have some more 60's and 70 degree tempts I have seed out myself right now that just germinated in the last three days.
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    Usually the biggest risks with spring seeding are applying crabgrass control and whether we're going to have a summer like the one we just had. Installing irrigation will address the second concern obviously.
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    Spring seeding biggest risks are increased weed competition, crabgrass, getting the soil temp right for germination and big rains that wash areas away. What I would do is put Drive down before seeding (read label for timing/seeding timing) to control the crabgrass, watch soil temps for best seed timing, use some straw blanket in areas that may wash and be prepared to deal with a bunch of weeds after the grass comes up.

    Maybe Kirk is right and it will not be too late yet this fall in your area. If I was seeding with a large percent of bluegrass I would wait until Spring. If mostly rye I would probably give it a try yet this year.
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    We have a cold snap coming down out of Canada (I have a friend there so I blame him for this) bringing with it chance of snow. But were back in the 70's next week.

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