Rittenhouse Celebrating 100 Years

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  1. Rittenhouse

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    Hello Everyone!

    We wanted to share with you that we are very excited to be celebrating 100 years in business this year!

    A lot has happened in 100 years; both in our company and the world around us. We have done business with many of you, your fathers and your grandfathers and appreciate the loyalty you have shown us.

    M.K. Rittenhouse & Sons was founded in 1914 by Moses K. Rittenhouse who originally ran the business
    from his barn in Jordan Station, Ontario. "100 years as a family owned and operated company is an
    impressive milestone, and I feel privileged to be a part of that history" says current company president,
    Mark Rittenhouse who joined the company in 1985. "My grandfather, father and uncles encouraged me
    to learn all aspects of the business while growing up across the street from the original factory."

    To read the rest of the article please visit:


    Here's to 100 years!
  2. RussellB

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    Congrats!! That is a huge milestone. Kudos
  3. Rittenhouse

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    Thank you! This is a big year for us. We can only hope our next 100 years will be as successful as the last 100!
  4. Porcupine Lawn and Snow

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    Sure will be. Great company. I personally love supporting local businesses like you guys.
  5. Rittenhouse

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    Thank you! We have people like you to thank for our success. We wouldn't be where we are today without support from the local community.

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