Rittenhouse Launches New Industry Groundbreaking E-Commerce Website

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    Rittenhouse Launches New Industry Groundbreaking E-Commerce Website
    New tablet and smartphone friendly website aimed at the US landscaping industry is new ready and taking orders.​

    Rittenhouse, the landscape and horticultural supply company has launched a brand new e-Commerce website: www.rittenhouseusa.com. Rittenhouse USA features free shipping, not just as a promotion, but as the standard. Shipping is quick too, just 2-3 business days. Also, all pricing on the website is final, there are no additional charges. The website is also mobile and tablet friendly with the anticipation that users will access it from a range of devices and complete a purchase.

    According to the company, one of the main goals with Rittenhouse USA was to create a simple, straight-forward e-Commerce website that is easy to navigate, and has a quick and accurate search function. The end result not only achieved those goals, but also resulted in a website that features simple page layout for quick and easy product identification as well as high quality imagery. To compliment an easy-to-understand layout, Rittenhouse USA also features what it calls “Final Price”. Final Price is just that, final; there are no other charges added throughout the checkout process. This removes any guess work and eliminates surprises that a customer may encounter while shopping online.

    Another benefit for customers ordering from Rittenhouse USA is the speed of shipping in addition to the service being free. Customers anywhere in the contiguous United States will receive their orders within 2-3 business days of placing the order online. A strategic set of warehouses across the country ensure that orders can be shipped anywhere in a very timely manner. If a customer needs an item faster, Rittenhouse USA also offers – for a fee – expedited and express shipping options. Additionally, all items available on Rittenhouse USA are kept in stock for quick and easy shipping.

    “We are completely aware of the changing landscape when it comes to shopping online; it’s no longer just from your desk at the office or home.” explains Business Development Manager Aaron Rittenhouse. He continues, “This is precisely why we designed an e-Commerce site that would be functional regardless of the device a customer is using.” Rittenhouse also points out that this concept should bode well, especially with landscapers, and other professionals who find themselves on remote jobsites. They won’t have to retreat to their office or wait until they are at home in the evening just to order critical supplies.

    “We wanted a website that is quick, easy, and to-the-point. Customers just don’t have the time to spend searching and figuring out total costs, especially when they are on the go” concludes Rittenhouse. It certainly seems that Rittenhouse USA delivers all of this, and more.
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    Thanks for the post. They make a really nice 200 gal. 'spacesaver' tank that I have had my eye on. Gonna check out the site!
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    fyi, i checked between there 2 sites on my last 2 orders, the new site is more expensive (total price shipped)
    as compared to using their old site-- not sure why, no big deal though as long as there old site .ca is still available to us----they do have good selection and availability on there old site- thankyou!
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    Thanks for looking at our new website!

    Rittenhouse.ca will continue to grow as it has in the past. In fact, just last week we added another dozen new products. The product selection on RittenhouseUSA.com will steadily increase as we put more product into our US warehouses. RittenhouseUSA is designed for the mobile user (Smartphones and tablets) who needs parts fast, guaranteed in stock and a one price checkout. Shipping is included in the price of the goods, that is the price difference that was noticed jbturf. As opposed to Rittenhouse.ca which bases its shipping charges on total weight, size and your location.

    Both sites will remain intact, no need to worry.

    We welcome your suggestions on how to acheive a website which meets our customers highest expectations.

    Thank you for your feedback.

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