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    Hey guys,

    I am 19 years old and have been running my lawn care business for three seasons now. I currently live and operate in West Virginia. Last season I purchased a new toro G3 52 inch cut 25hp kohler engine. Any reviews on that would be great. I currently have about 100 hours on it. I also have a john deere gs75. Looking to get a hydro 48inch cut walkbehind. Pictures are not real clear because they were taken with a cell phone. Overall I have over 40 accounts. Do tons of mulching and planting. Going to be buying a snowplow this winter. This season is looking to be the best yet. I have gained numerous commercial account. I have even had Hooters call me. I just present myself as professional as possible and do a great job and I believe that speaks for itself. Any suggestions or reviews about the toro would be great. I want to know how many guys run toro. I have been looking at landscapers on this sight and really want to grow my business. I am also currently a college student majoring in Business Management. Taking those type of classes helps a great deal.



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    You solo operator or have workers.
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    I am still solo. Sometimes when I mow I can get my brother to help me. And when I mulch I try to have a helper because it goes way faster. But I do not have an "employee" yet. I am too the point now that I could use one. As soon as I am out of college for the summer every day will be filled up and I have about 8 mulch jobs lined up.
    Also a guy told me about a 36inch exmark turf master hydro walkbehind. Anyone know if these are good mowers?
  4. T Scapes

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    Turf master? do you mean Turf Tracer which is a very good mower. I had a 2008 48in mower last year it and it was awesome mower. Anymore info on the mower year? hours? price?
  5. Riverside Lawncare

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    I meant turf tracer yes. And I forgot to ask the year, when I asked about the price he said he was unsure. and he said it has 20 hours when he got it but the hour meter came off or stopped working. This mower is a 36inch. I believe it would eliminate any need for a pushmower. I really want a 48inch walkbehind. The one I have now is a 54 inch and it is just to large for the properties I need a walkbehind for. Around here in WV we have alot of hills. Its amazing what I go on with my zrt.
    your exmark in your picture, does it have the gas tank under the seat like the newer toros?
  6. T Scapes

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    its a newer exmark 2011 i believe it was one i was looking at when i started 2 years ago but im pretty sure it does. That machine is the X series. I ran scag now
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    I started using a scag last summer but bought a toro because they seemed to be good quality and the dealer was 10 min from my house. They ended up getting rid of the business now the nearest toro dealer is over an hour away and they are pretty bad I think. The scag dealer is 45 minutes away but wish I would have went with scag now. I still love my toro but dealer support is terrible
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    You seem to be off to a great start! Keep focused in those business classes. Trust me, it will help a great deal in the long run.

    We run all Toro mowers. Partly because they have always worked great for us and been very reliable, and partly because we have such great dealer support. For example, we have a big aerating job on Monday. Instead of making the crew walk it, we called up our dealer to get a hold of the new Toro stand on aerator. He didn't have one, so he called his rep and told him what we needed and boom, the rep will have it for us by Saturday. Even if you love your G3, don't underestimate the importance of a great dealer that's close to home. Less than 10 minutes and we can get to ours. Keep up the good work and study hard in school!
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    Yea I try my best to stay focused on school. With mowing season in full swing and all kinds of people calling me its hard to get ready for my finals. I have all kinds of landscaping jobs.
    And Im just going to keep parts in stock, as well as keep my mowers maintenanced correctly so hopefully they will not break down on me.
    How does that aerator work? I saw that on there website looked awesome!
  10. T Scapes

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    i love my scag i am about to pic up the new walk behind soon and possibly a second scag ztr. The only other ztr brand i am considering is hustler and thats about it. I started with exmark but switched to scag and it was the best decision i made

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