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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by rlmlandscape, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. rlmlandscape

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    Picked it up for 17 with the plow
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  2. rlmlandscape

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    Got my tree climbing kit I ordered last week in today. I learned to climb in college during one of my courses. Thinking of studying up and getting my arborist licencse this winter. For now I'm gonna use it around my parents home a few other relatives that need some work done. Went out today and was playing with it in my maple tree.

    climbing gear.jpg
  3. rlmlandscape

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    Figured I'd get this thread back on track and update you on what my plans are for the upcoming year. Right now I'm working on a marketing campaign doing somewhere between 15,000-20,000 eddm mailings. I'd like some feedback on which from of the postcard I should use. The first house I like more but their is volcano mulching going on and it bothers me. The second house bothers me because it looks more like a southern house and I live in the north east. Which one would you guys go with or would you tell them to try again.

    Also changing all new customers over to a package deal only. I'm focusing on high end maintenance (not necessarily size of house but quality people want the landscape taken care of) and switching everyone over to package deals. All my current customers are pretty much full maintenance so it shouldn't be a problem, and the ones that don't want to change will not have to do so for now until I see how the postcards play out this year.

    I'm also working on studying for my arborist exam right now so that I can start doing small tree removals. Plus it is another credential to set me apart from the other guys out there.

    As far as equipment goes this year I am selling my 93' f250 and getting a newer pickup to use as my personal/estimating vehicle. Haven't decided on what I'm getting next and don't plan on looking to hard until the old truck sells. I am also selling my 48" great dane since it just sits right now. If the year plays out like I hope I plan on looking for a skid steer or tractor to help with installs and want to pick up a reversible plate compactor for hardscape jobs. Also looking to get a boom sprayer and aerator for the walker this year.

    Let me know what you think of the postcards and which front you would use.

    2013 Postcard Front #1.jpg

    2013 Postcard Front #2.jpg

    2013 Postcard Back.jpg

    DLONGLANDSCAPING LawnSite Bronze Member
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    i like the design, i like the bigger house picture better because its a golder picture, but i would try to use one of your own pictures! If people see a house that they drive past and think "wow that looks good, i should hire this company too" they will call you much more than a generic house.

    Who designed and printed them? Plan-it graphics?
  5. rlmlandscape

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    Yes, Plan it Graphics did it. I wanted to use one of my own photos but all my pictures that I've taken are with my camera and lack the photo quality for a postcard. One thing I need to buy this year is a good camera for all photographing all my patio work, the camera phone isn't cutting it anymore.
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    Everything looks great! I loke the first card. Best of luck with the mailings and this year!
  7. Woodman1

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    "like" the first card. Sorry about that!
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    You ever thought about painting the trailer wheels black? Work looks top notch and I love the truck
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    Even though there is the volcano mulching I think the nice large house and lush green grass outways the volcano mulching.
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    I like the first one. House is better looking and the wording on the left hand side are bigger. Pops out more.

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