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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by RLS24, Jan 21, 2010.

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    I'm debating between a dump trailer or a dump insert. I see you have both and you also mentioned you love the dump insert. Can you give me any kind of feed back as to why you like it so much?-it will help in my decision making process :)
  2. KE-llc

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    you dont know how to survive without two trucks on one job? LOL i know guys building 100k projects with one pickup and they manage just fine.
  3. RLS24

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    They each have pros and cons...I use that dump insert EVERY DAY. Mulch, topsoil, grass, brush, rip out material....if you can load it in there and dump it out, I do! Thats such a huge thing for me, especially with grass I used to spend at least a half hour at the dump a couple times a week hand-shoveling grass out of my truck bed and now I'm there once a week for 5 min. Its great for small landscape jobs too, the only downside is I can only fit like 3-3.5 yards of mulch in there. Honestly, at that point though I'm pushing the weight limits of what should really be in that truck anyway.

    The trailer is nice because of the size, I can get a LOT of stuff in there. I really don't use that thing to its fullest potential because I only have 3/4 ton trucks to tow it with. I don't use it THAT much and could easily get by without it, and honestly if I didn't pay what I did for it I'd prob not even have it anymore. The insert is nice if you need the dumping capability but tow a trailer with equipment a lot, the trailer is nice for large ripout jobs and moving large quantities of material. I prob just made your decision harder haha.

    I could still do it, it just makes things a lot easier, especially now since I have a few people working for me. On that mulch job I put pics up of earlier for example, when we got down to like 1 yard in the trailer I left them there to keep working and I took the truck with the EZ Dumper (which was loaded with the ripout waste), dumped and then loaded up with mulch, came back, let them work out of the EZ Dumper and took the trailer for another big load. I like having the option to use both trucks for jobs because we can bring more materials and equipment on site with us from the get go so when we get there we go right to work with everything we need rather than dropping stuff off and unloading then going to get more stuff. Like you said, I've also seen guys doing 100k projects with 1 truck, and I've also seen guys doing $500 projects with a 4500 dump, 3 1 ton dumps, 2 enclosed trailers and a 3/4 ton truck....
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    I think the key phrase in your statement is "building" 100k projects. If you're putting in a large hardscape with new plantings then yes you could get away with a pick up because you would have everything delivered. You'd need a delivery semi for the pavers, a large delivery dump for base stone and sand, maybe soil and plants delivered too, and equipment rental or you tow your skidsteer with the pickup. Oh yea then there are the guys in the hardscape section who have elaborate large trucks with switch-n-go bodies billing $2+ million per year.

    For the maintenance side of the business as in trim, edge, and mulch jobs it can be, not always, very inefficient to just use a long bed pickup truck. I know this from working with a friend who did just that but now has all sorts of equipment to make him much more efficient. Unless all the jobs you do are 1 yard of mulch an you only do one a day. For now my dump trailer has been such a versatile piece of equipment. I've been able to complete 3 smaller sized trim/edge/mulch in one day by filling the dump with all the clean up stuff first, dumping it, and able to pick up 2 different kind of mulches and complete the jobs. If I had just a pickup truck that would be three separate trips to the dump and three trips for mulch. Pretty inefficient of you ask me. I can also make just one trip for mulch for larger jobs as the dump can hold a lot. The job I did on tuesday i would've needed 3 trips for mulch with just a pickup. Again waste of working time.

    I've also seen the setup Mike talked about with 5-6 trucks at one small job. But they may be able to complete 5-7 of those jobs a day because they can complete them so quickly where the small solo with a helper might be able finish 2.

    What's my point? Pick what you think is the right tool for YOUR jobs and evaluate it to make sure it does in fact work and make you more efficient. Large Softscape/Hardscape installs, spring clean ups/landscape maintenance, and lawn mowing are not really the same, even if your business offers all of them. Similar? Sure but have different needs. So unless you're comparing similar business models it's kind of hard to say what one should have/need.

    Wow what just happened I think I blacked out.......
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  5. RLS24

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    Whats even better is you typed all that on your phone. Slow day at the office, Matt? lol

    Couldn't have said it better myself. Same thing goes for mowing, I see a guy (actually lives near me) around all the time who is always by himself that has like a 20' open trailer with a 60" full-size ZTR, a Walker and a 36" Stander. For what? You can't ride all 3 at once! It's all about what you can do with what you've got, and WHO you've got. I don't care how many trucks you have if you've got a crew of guys that can't work together then you're not gonna get anything done. You can also roll up in 2 crew cab dumps with 10 guys and do 8 mulch jobs in a day if they work well together.
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    Havent worked in a week! hahaha
  7. RLS24

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    well, the '99 started on fire yesterday...its at the shop now, be interesting to see how this one pans out.
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    How many yards of mulch fit on the dump trailer ?
  9. MDLawn

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    Yikes!! How did that happen?
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  10. RLS24

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    Most I've had in there was 6 yards I think, but could fit more for sure.

    Idk, we were driving it all over yesterday fine with no problems and all of a sudden it like stalled out like it was out of gas so I threw it in neutral real quick, coasted into a gas station, and all the dash lights started going crazy like blinking and flickering. Got out, smelled something burning so popped the hood and there was a bunch of wires under the hood near the battery that were on fire. We dumped like 3 water bottled on it and a quick squirt with an extinguisher to put it out, nothing the fire department had to show up for. My mechanic just called me this morning after taking a quick look at it and said I should have fanned the flames a little more and possibly dumped some gas on it I would have been better off haha so this prob isnt gonna end well, if not for the truck then my wallet for sure!

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