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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by RLS24, Jan 21, 2010.

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    I here you about some people trying to sell things that take forever to get back to you, and you have to keep trying to be so persistent. It's annoying anytime I'm selling something I'll get back to them asap because I've already bought a replacement for it and want it gone. Although when the get back to me I'll usually hit them hard on the price for my time and work I put in to it and it'll usually work.
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    that v-10 looks pretty good. only thing i heard about those V-10's is the exhaust manifold bolts break off in the head. But im probably not telling you anything you already dont know
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    Mike is your shop in Clarence? I have personally looked at that truck a month ago and it is a pile of garbage. Open the drivers side door and you can put your foot through the kick panel. Truck has been worked and sure shows it. To each his own I guess but just a word of advise I wouldn't even drive it off the property.
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    I saw that truck too a while ago. The ad changed. Before it said "needs work". Maybe he got it fixed. Exhaust manifold studs are notorious for rusting off. That year had spark plug issues that were easily solved. Motor is a good one but there are issues.
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    My shop is not in Clarence. I'm gonna take a look at it. If I can work with it, I'll lowball the guy. I know my body shop will charge me about $600 to do a set of rockers and cab corners full replacement and paint, and they still owe me some snowplowing money anyway. I'll take a look it got nothing to lose accept some time.
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    Mike I posted a thread I would like you and the local guys to check out. I hope you dont mind me posting this in your thread but it seems alot of wny'ers are checking in here frequently. I'll delete this post if you want me to.
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    Yeah I'll check it out. Don't have to delete anything this is a public forum hahaha
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    Hell is freezing over....bought me a Ford!

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