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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by RLS24, Jan 21, 2010.

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    We did cut some thicker stuff with it. It did good. But when that buzzer goes off that the bin is full, it means empty is NOW....not finish the pass your on then go to the truck...

    Different strokes, different folks I guess?
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    Ok a lot of people have always complimented me on the '99 454.....now is your chance to own it! Want to sell it as a package deal truck plow and dump insert! Heres the CL ad I want it gone by the weekend or its getting traded in!

  3. RLS24

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    Got some MAJOR updates:

    I pulled the trigger on a new truck for myself:

    It is a 2006 Ford F250 Lariat, with all the bells and whistles. Old guy owned it, had every oil change tire rotation inspection etc done at the dealer. It was undercaoted several times with the Z-Bar coating and had grease smeared all over the trans lines, brake lines fuel lines etc.....very well taken care of truck. It has 44,000 miles on it. Yes its a 6.0 Diesel, and no it does not scare me one bit. Since this pic was taken I've put all my lights, back rack, tool box, etc on it and tinted the windows. I'll get an updated pic soon.

    As a result, the '99 Chevy and the '01 Ford were traded in. I am changing the direction of business here a little bit, I started the year off running 2 sometimes 3 separate crews with everyone running like crazy. Yes jobs were getting done and money was coming in very well. However, it made me realize that I am not the kind of person that I can send guys out to do stuff while I go do something else because I can't focus on doing what I need to be doing while worrying about what else is going on. That said, I lost a couple really good customers that I've had for a long time because the quality of work just wasn't what it used to be. Customers were paying me very well because they knew that I the owner of the business was there trimming their bushes or cutting their grass. Their thinking was well now that "the guys" are just here and not doing AS good of a job, we might as well pay the cheaper guy thats going to do the same thing for less money. That said, I'm scaling back operations, going back down to running just 2 trucks, and I'll be back to field operations instead of the boss man sitting in the office. That said, heres the plans for the remainder of the year/future:
    -I kept my 2006 Chevy, that is getting a brand new EZ-Dumper put in it
    -I will probably be buying a Dump trailer to tow with the new Ford sometime between now and next spring
    -The Boss straight blade I had went with the old '99 Chevy, so I need to buy 2 plows before winter. A 8'2" Boss Power V for the Chevy and I'm thinking one of those new Stainless Steel Boss DXT plows would look great on the front of my new truck
    -Plow less driveways, more parking lots.
  4. HPSInc

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    Your a smart man. Its hard to go big like other companies do. the quality just isn't there like it is when YOUR there. That's why they lose the business to companies that are owner operator. Finding just 1 guy to run a crew like the owner would isn't easy and your lucky if you do. I think you made a smart decision and it will definitely pay off. Might become less stressful too. congrats on the new truck it looks brand new. Those new stainless boss plows are beautiful. And I second the less driveways, more parking lots approach. I'm just about done with driveways its not worth it to me anymore. Did you sell that blue dump trailer you had?
  5. ajordan193

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    Nice truck Mike, what did that set you back? Any performance modifications planned for the future? I currently have a cat delete and sct tuner on mine and it runs great.
  6. FF/P215

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    Nice truck, good luck with the new direction, I'm sure it will suit you well, nice to hear you are trying to retain quality! Wouldn't be scared of the 6.0 either, worse in the E-series, just watch the EGR in the next 10k miles and you should be alright..
  7. RLS24

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    I got rid of that dump trailer a couple years back, actually. A buddy of mine bought it and I borrow it from time to time, but I want one of my own thats set up a little differently.

    I paid $26,000 for it less some cash down and trade ins. I havent had a car payment in a LOOOOONG time haha this sucks!

    As far as performance mods, its 100% stock right now and will stay that way until I can save up the money to have it studded and the EGR delete. All thats getting done to it before then is a Sinister Diesel coolant filter kit and MAYBE and exhaust system.
  8. LandFakers

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    Nice truck man! 6.0's are good motors. Have fun with it
  9. PLLandscape

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    Ugh, 6.0 Ford diesel.....

    I'm sure it'll work out fine for you. Too bad you couldn't keep the quality up with the workers...
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    Yeah it wasn't 100% their fault, theres a lot of little things that I think about that I take for grated. Like I will drive the mower this way and go around this tree and then double back so I don't screw up my striping, or trim this but do it a certain way for a reason or whatever. No employee is going to think the way I do and do what I do the way I do it. If they did, they would either own their own company or I would be paying them so much money that it wouldn't be worth it. I do realize that there are people like that out there, but this business (at least in this area) is so cut-throat with the low balling that I just could not afford to pay them what they would need.

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