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Discussion in 'Professional Discussions' started by ArTurf, Mar 12, 2019.

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    I use a RainMaster Pro UA remote. For temporary connections I use a "Remote Pigtails" connector with clips for station terminals. Problem is the wires are so dinky small gauge they break over time at the connecting points. Anyone have a better solution? Not really necessary to have a permanent hookup on small systems though it would be nice.
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    So we never install pigtails on controllers. If they have them pre-exisiting.. Great! We do however hook up a pigtail with alligator clips on each system we service at the time of the job.

    Lets say from March-August ( 6 Months) I connect my harness on average to 8 houses a Day during a 5 day week. That's 40 a week, 160 a month and 960 in the busy season.

    Personally I would say around 5-8 alligator clips will break throughout the season . Which is less then a 1% failure rate, and most of that is pulling the harness to quickly off the controller wires. In my book- that's acceptable. As much as a annoyance it is when they do break.. It's a quick and easy fix. My problem is if I don't have spare replacement alligator clips- I'll go weeks or months before I finally take a moment to actually fix it. My problem has been .. Since Radio shack went down under, I cant seem to find a place that sells alligator clips, and if you order them online you don't always know the size you are getting.

    You think you would want a more robust solid setup, but you need great flexibility to connect to each controller setup. So having what you currently have is the fine line middle point that suits the needs to the best point

    One thing I always do is place my harness in gallon zip lock bag , inside the remote case to help prevent loose wires from getting caught on other items

    I also, the other year made my harness very long ( I combined two harnesses togethe) and then made my Common, power and MV wires about 6" longer then the rest. This, for me has really helped
  3. OP

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    The clips hold up fine it's the wires that break. They must be 22 ga. , 18 would prob hold up a lot better. I've made my wires longer also but the 22 gives out. Don't mind fixing things every now and then but when you're trying to get stuff done it's a PITA.

    You can find all kinds of clips on the internet.
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    Maybe you could extend the wires with heavier gauge wire using butt connectors then use a big piece of shrink tube around the whole mess of connectors to neaten and stiffen it up
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    Sounds like you might have one someday.

    I appreciated the mathematical logic supporting the choice of perception regarding the breakage.

    I see your not the kind of guy to quit working because the A/C in the truck broke. Im sure everyone around you appreciates that.
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    Maybe ask fimco to build you a harness from 18 ga. wire?
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    You could get you a small pvc junction box with a couple cord grip connectors and splice on some heavier wire. Maybe put s hook on it to hang it from the controller.

    I think I bought my alligator clips from menards and the local hardware store.
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    Kinda already done that without the shrink though, the 22 always breaks. Maybe the shrink will help support the 22. Might try it.

    Do you reckon he would? Guess I could ask. He kinda owes me, I bought a 521 off of him 50 years ago
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  9. Mike Leary

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    A pigtail is not expensive if you consider the screwing around needed to hook/remove it for a service call. My steady clients all had them wired in:

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    I have been looking for that picture for decades.

    THats how your supposed to use the 3m wire marker roller deal .

    I bought that thing and ended up taking it back to the store, prob the only thing iv returned ever tool wise. I just couldnt get the hand of stickers.

    I use the 5 mark system with sharpie, you know the old :
    as you imagine....it has its draw backs :)

    Cutting about 20 red wires to-fit neatly in the control box before remembering to transfer the marks down toward to conduit.....thats always a blast

    EDIT: just realized i got excited about marking wires, soprry, didnt/dont mean to hijack thread

    My 2 cents. I give it about 5 years before there aren't any non web controlled systems.
    Crazy i know, like when they said in 5 years there wont be any more mechanical systems.
    Sucks, but you cant fight tech, your better off to embrace it, otherwise youll be fighting against natural human behavioral improvment tendencys (good luck with that)

    I second the Fimco suggestion. Lets keep our money in house "ay?"
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