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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by grassmasterswilson, Aug 16, 2009.

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    Let me set the scene.... I have a deck attached to my house that is used for entry into the back door. Near the door I keep a self feeder full of dogfood. It is attracting big red **** roaches (1-2 inches long) and slugs. The slugs don't really bother me much. It is the roaches that are attracted to the food and then are close enough to the door to gain entry to the house.

    I am a liscenced turf and ornamental applicator. Is there anything I can spray around the deck or on and around the feeder that will repel the roaches? I was thinking Bifen, but haven't done any reasearch yet. Thanks for the help.
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    In short...no. I live in what seems like the roach capitol of the southeast. We keep our dogfood in metal garbage cans with tight fitting lids. Any food left out, especially overnight, is just an invitation for an infestation here. We just give our dogs what they would eat right away. Roaches tend to build tolerance to various pesticides and poisen's over a period of time, so that wipeing them out is next to impossible. I've lived in my present house for 12 years now and, thanks to not leaving anything around to attract them, we've not had any problems to speak of. I have lived in houses that were infested and we had to fog the places before we could move into them.

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    You can use a Bayer product called Maxforce. It contains Fipronil, a non repelent insecticide that is slow enough acting that they spread it & when they die, other roaches that cannibalize the dead roach die as well. Comes in syringe applicators or bait stations.

    Bifen would not be the best thing to use-You want the roaches to go back & spread the insecticide around before croaking:usflag:

    There are other non-repellent sprays if you don't wish to use bait-Termidor is one of the & has the same active ingredient as Maxforce.
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    Max force works ok, but use the Max Force Select. Some german roaches have built up an adversion to some of the attractants in baits. Select changed the attraction to help with this I will not bore you with all the details. Also make sure you use a IGR like Gentrol. It will help sterlize the population and force the females to drop the eggs to soon and force her to eat. In case you did not know gravid female German roachs do not feed so you can see the need for IGR's. I like to add a crack and crevase treatment with Phantom. With this combo you should be bug free in no time.
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    Try Termidor.......roaches gone........sounds like you have what is called American Cockroaches. Do a search for "control of American Cockroaches on the internet."

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