Robbed by phone please help?

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by lawnpropm, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. lawnpropm

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    I've never even thought of that no lawyers more doctors and insurance agent than anything lol. What should I offer a full season of mowing?
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  2. topsites

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    Around here "bar card" means you're a regular down at the local watering hole.
  3. h2oskier

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    Well when you turn 21 ill let you borrow mine.:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:
  4. M & L

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    I tried to buy a property..It had a mechanics lien on it from a plumber from ten years before. Title search came back "BAD" due to lien..
    I Couldnt buy the property and she couldnt sell until it was paid...boy was that crazy lady suprized..she had to walk out of the closing embarrased and a couple k less..

    Mechanics liens work very well!! from my exieriance..
  5. lawnpropm

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    Wow that's assuring im in the process now of waiting on him to respond on the papers he was served. I was also told by a lawyer that a lein draws interest if not paid. I would hate to see what that lady has to pay in order to sale that property!
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  6. FoghornLeghorn

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    Go to and buy a "notice of intent to file lien" $15-20, it'll give you a PDF that you can use unlimited times for whatever accounts/addresses you need to. Then if after 2 weeks they haven't responded for payment, buy the lien (another 15-20 bucks) and you can use it unlimited times.

    This way, you're only out of pocket $40 or so and you get to use the form for the rest of your business life. It's way cheaper than $300 per lien x 8 homeowners.

    With the "intent to file lien", I would send a brief cover letter to each homeowner stating to the effect, "we have tried unsuccessfully to collect, bla blabla. Filing a lien is the last thing our company wants to do, so we ask you to please have your management company contact us with payment arrangements since we have not been able to get any response for them."

    You will want to send a copy of your original invoice, a copy of the notice, and the letter to homeowner

    Lastly, if the payment date comes and no arrangements have been made, then send a copy of the lien to homeowner. You will need to go to your county clerk office to file the lien as well.

    hope this helps.
  7. lawnpropm

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  8. JimmyTheGlove

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    Yeah there is no reason why you should get screwed by this guy. Lucky for me, I've managed to avoid shady guys like that. I've had my share of cheap skates but nothing like that.

    My only tip on finding a good lawyer is to interview a handful. Don't stick with some guy because he sounds good. They work for YOU. You're the boss this time. Don't forget that.
  9. lawnpropm

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    Yea I hope this was just an isolated incident. I have since gotten better with contracts and have them reviewed before we sign. I saw the red flags I just ignored them trying to land the job and keep the payola coming in. Ended up making very little and it wasn't worth the trouble. Lesson learned!
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  10. dboyd351

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    This is very good advice and the lien route is also a good avenue. Bottom line is if you hire a lawyer, the only one that will win is the lawyer. Your case just isn't worth enough. I've been the small claims route and have both a father and brother who are lawyers. I wouldn't think of hiring a lawyer for a case that small.

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