Robbery may be linked to "Lawn Service."

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by proline32, Jun 2, 2002.

  1. proline32

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    From Todays tacoma news tribune.......

    A man who declined an offer of lawn service told police he suspects the would be mower of robbing him.
    About 2:30pm friday, a man in his 20's driving a midsized american car pulled up behind a corvette owned by the resident of a home in the 5600 block of south A street. The resident told police "the man had a lawn mower sticking out of his car trunk and offered to mow his lawn.
    The resident declined and went inside his house. About an hour later he came back outside and noticed several items missing from his 1981 corvette.
    He said someone had taken the t top panels as well as a toolbox and some tools. The man estimated the panels were worth about $2000 and the tools and toolbox about $500.00

    Beware of guys with mowers sticking out of thier trunks....
  2. SLS

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    I wonder if the "Corvette guy" has a neighbor who is missing a pushmower??? :D


    'Making a clean getaway!
  3. Grasshog

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    SLS thats funny
  4. Brickman

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    Blame it on the scaby scrubs. That is where it belongs.
    Some people on this site have defended them and referred to them as the kind that make the world go around. I disagree. They are low lifes.

    I started as a scrub, but did not stay that way long. And even from the very first lawn I mowed I did little different than what I do today, quality work that is.
  5. proline32

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    I to agree, a scrub is a grub, And I don't have a problem turning these types in to the dept of revenue if I know they arn't legit and are collecting cash but not paying taxes like the rest of us. Now people are going to have a perception that lawn care companies will steal from you if you don't hire them.......... It's tough enough just trying to be in business with all the expenses and stuff and then having to deal with making sure that you are good with the IRS and your local taxing authorities and these loosers are out thier ruining your market.
  6. mxrdrvr3

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    so brickman are you still a lowlife? or just reformed?
  7. Brickman

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    I was saying that I started out as a scrub. This was back in 96. But that didn't last long. You can't be a scrub and mow places like Red Lobster, National Weather, Caddilac dealer, and various $500K to $1M residential properties. I do a total of around 50 properties a week by myself.

    Now I am paying on my OWN house, drive a 2000 F 250, and have most of my equipment paid for.

    But even when I started I did the best work I possibly could with what I had. Not half a@@ mowing jobs, with no trimming, and leaving grass all over the side walks.
  8. awm

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    well here in stanley co. a stranger use to get a friendly if one drives thru too slow. the grapevine will be watching him for a while. this really happens.
    around here a thief is really taken a chance ,as most old timers,and their younguns too, feel like the laws just to far away to help much, in a situation like that.:) now ive sen a lot longer sentences on here.

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