Robin engine on 21 WB

Discussion in 'Gravely (Archived)' started by catsnglf, May 15, 2002.

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  1. catsnglf

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    I am just about to buy the Gravely 21 with the Robin engine. One dealer I went to was very down on the engine because of lack of parts or the time it took to get them. However, it appears that the engine on the Gravely is now the new one coming from Wisconsin. I would hope that Gravely ensures that they can get the parts if you should need them. An e-mail response from Robin indciated that the Wisconsin plant is an assembly plant with the parts coming from Japan.

    I really want to purchase this combination after reading on another forum that the Robin engine had more 'real' power than the Kawasaki and B&S pro machines in the same HP rantge. I do nothing but mulching and sometimes the grass gets a bit long and I can't cut if it is slightly wet with my current machine. I am however concerned over the parts. I know I should't need any parts for a new machine, but just in case I do, I want to be sure that they are readily available or available within a reasonable time.

    Can you fill me in on this? Thanks.
  2. goodbeus

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    It's a great engine, it runs extremely well...I have one on a 21" Snapper...BUT, I will not buy another because they ARE hard to gets parts for....
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