robin to quit making the 6 horse eh18v!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by husqvarna600c, Oct 20, 2003.

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    robin has e-mailed me and is no longer going to make the eh18v for those unfamiliar with it its the 6 horse for a commercial 21"and a really good engine .the OEM has chosen to use Briggs and Honda for its engines.ariens and gravley have a Briggs on its commercial 21"walk behinds it is a cheaper engine than the robin but the price of the mowers did not go down.we are rapidly losing commercial 21"mowers anyways and now we will have one less engine to chose from.what if it happens to another one like Kawasaki or Kohler could you imagine everything with a Briggs? this is not about brands this is about our choices being taken away from us we need better products we need the OEM to build us good mowers with good engines please don't let any of them think we will except less but still pay the same price its not right if you care please e-mail robin at - .help save this engine again its not about the name or brand but about what we need .we need and deserve better i don't want to pay more for you?and i sure dont want less quality.i gusee robin dosent think that there are any of us on this site who cares and wants hoping that we will show them thier is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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