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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by landscaper35, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. landscaper35

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    I am doing a smaller rock bubbler. Maybe 5 ft in diameter, with rock boulders with probably 2-3 of the rocks drilled, not the columns. I would like input on the perfect set up to make this feature have the right noise and have some splash. Again, this will be a smaller feature. I know alot will depend on the rock, but can someone give me a break down on components needed such as pump size, liner, ball valve, type of drill for core drilling, vault information...basically complete setup.
  2. ANC Stone Creations

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    How do you feel about faux stone boulders?

    It can get pretty spendy if you don't allready own the drill and bits to drill the rocks.
    How easy is the area to get to?
    Will you need heavy machines?

    Would love to help you out.
  3. landscaper35

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    I will be using natural rock. I will either buy or rent a drill for the job, possibly dewalt around $500 if needed. The area is very easy to get to, new construction. This will be a smaller feature and I will be using a dingo to move the rock around. Just looking for the best pump/setup to do this, thanks.
  4. ANC Stone Creations

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    What size are the rocks you are using?
    What size hole are you drilling?
    What diameter of an area are you working in?

    The height of the rock will help to determine the pump size.

    If I was to install a single rock, lets say 3' tall I would use a 1000 - 1500 gph pump with a ball valve to control the flow to the rock.

    Hope this helps.
  5. landscaper35

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    The rocks will be approximately 2-2.5 ft tall. There will be a 1 inch hole. The diameter is approximately 7 ft x 7ft. Is flex pvc pipe better or regular schedule 40 pvc pipe?
  6. ANC Stone Creations

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    I would use a 2000-2500 gph pump using the flex pipe and ball valves to each of the rocks.

    Are you doing this as a pondless feature?

    Here are some numbers for you: each cubic ft of space is 7.48 gallons.
    If you filled a basin completely full of 1 1/2" - 2" drain rock it would take up 80% of the total volume.
  7. landscaper35

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    Yes it will be pondless.
  8. Springmeadows

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    I have done alot of these bubblers. This is the way I do them.

    I figure which rock I'm am going to use and the lay them out. Most of the bubblers I have done are three rocks placed on top of each other, so I figure out which rock will be on the bottom, middle and top. Then I place them the way they would be in the finish position. By placing them I make the bubbler up like it was done. This way you will have an idea how the rocks will lay with each other and you will know how you want them drilled. Then I take a chalk and mark each rock where it is to be drilled. Take the feature back apart and drill your rock. I bought a drill and bit, but I did my first few with a rented drill/bit. I do all this prep work at the store I have without going to the job. When I get to the job then the rock are drilled and ready to be placed.

    I do all my rock bubblers pondless. Basically figure out your basin size according to the rock. Dig this basin about two feet deep with a deeper area in one corner. This deeper area is for the vault. Slope the entire basin toward that one corner. For the vault, I use the very largest irrigation box you can find. NDS or ADS makes a suitable one. When the basin is dug and your happy with it, take a piece of underlayment and liner and fit it in the basin, folds where applicable. No cuts and leave the excess around the basin for now. Fill the basin with #3 surge stone carefully to within 6" of full, make sure your vault and flex pipe is in the basin as well. Then get some washed gravel to top off the surge stone, leave room for your finish rock and bubbler.

    Place your rocks the way you figured shimming then to secure them in place, thread the flex pipe in each stone as you place them. Place your pump and autofill valve in the vault and make your connections. Fill the basin with water and start up the pump trimming the flex pipe while running makes sure you like how it's working first. The last thing you want is the flex pipe too short. Make your adjustment for flow at your ball valve which should be in the vault on your flex pipe.

    Finally add your surround rock and your done. Make sure you be creative with the rocks you choose and try to get rock with moss on them. It's an extra that people like. You will be extra carefull to save those natural characteristics of the rock, like moss or veins of iron or quartz in or on the rocks.

    Prices always depend on the size of the bubbler. But don't short yourself, these rock bubblers are alot of work if done right. Take your time and be creative.
  9. landscaper35

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    Thanks for the information, do you have any pictures of the bubblers that you have done?

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