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    John, the trenching was at $6.40 a foot with corrugated 4" solid and perforated pipe (per my design) as back filled with concrete sand. The site is comprised of mostly sandy soils (located on the shores of a lake)and extremely easy to trench.
    The grading, repair to existing septic system, and the installation of a five station irrigation system is all extra.
    Right now the job has already experienced two change orders taking it from $9,800 to approaching $11,500 with a finish time of three more days.
    Total out of pocket expenses including all equipment rental, labor, irrigation parts, etc is right at $4,189.00. Not bad for myself, two employees and five days of work.
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    Ok, Here is what I decided.

    The first 6-7 inches, including the 4 inch pipe is going to be pea gravel. My main concern is that the daownspout will fill the perforated pipe and leach out next to the foundation and garage. I'm hoping that the pea gravel will help keep the water in the pipe in low flow situations, but let water travel through it to the pipe.

    Then the rest of the trench is going to be filled with a washed crushed gravel around 1 to 1.5 inch diameter/size. I'm thinking the the angular stone will help water travel down to the drain pipe with no problems as it doesn't pack as tightly as pea gravel does.

    I'll take some more progress picks in the next couple of days. Besides, the landscaping side of Lawnsite is slowing down pretty good, so I like to post stuff if I can. :sleeping:
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    Why don't you use solid pipe by the garage?
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    We lay #2&3 Washed Stone Blend under the pipe. #2 Washed only on top of it. 4mil poly sheeting in a U shape covering the walls and base. Landscape fabric on top covered with driveway stone, mulch, or turf.

    Pic #1- is the #2&3 Stone
    Pic #2- is the #2 Stone (its about the diameter of a quarter)
    NEVER use pea gravel or crusher run (limestone)..... Always make sure its washed, as you don't want any dust or fines.


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    There is water coming strait to that direction and I do believe that there is some ground seepage around that area too, so I'm trying to catch it if I can.

    I wanted to use solid, but I discussed it with the homeowner and he wants the perforated pipe all the way.
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    The problem I'm having with suppliers is that they are full of crap. I haven't found one company yet that has true washed stone, it's usually just screened. I called one place and they said there was no fines in their "clean" stone, and low and behold I go there and it's muddy. Then I get in an argument with the scale house guy and left.

    I'm wondering if I'm going to have to wash the stone before I use it, even though the temps have been hanging around freezing here lately.

    Thanks Steve,

    I'm kinda wondering at this point though if I'm just going to be stuck with what's available. To me though, regardless, I am thinking of finishing this project the best I can. And I also figure if farmers have no problems just sticking corrugated, perferated pipe in the ground directly, and it works for years, then I'm ahead of the curve on this one, but, I am not justifying doing inferior work.
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    I'm assuming you're going to a quarry, not a garden center/ nursery?

    Is there a Hanson pit close to you? ( They have some of the best stone products I've ever seen.

    If your only option is to buy crap with fines mixed in, it would be a good idea to wash it. Dump-spread it, go over it with a high pressure stream and kiss your profits goodbye.

    Good luck
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    I just got off the phone with these guys.

    Unfortunately screened and not washed is only available. They also supply the local material yard in Bloomington, which is where I get most if not all fill type of materials and some landscaping rock. That is the place that I felt the 1-2 inch rock was muddy.

    Thanks for all the help, that was some great piece of info.:clapping:

    I think I'm going to have to just get the best product I possibly can and know that I have a good lined trench that shouldn't get any/little silt intrusion after it's done.

    Here's a thought I had too. My dad has an old one at our farm and I was contemplating using it. This Pic is only a reprensentation. The one available to me is much older, sits at a 35 degree angle, simple electric motor, with a simple screen. I could just put it up to the back of my truck, shovel in one scoop at a time, and discharge into my wheelbarrow. I would love to be able to throw water onto the rock as it is screened, but, I would have to devise a way to cover the electric motor so water doesn't get on it.
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    Actually a little closer to this design.



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