Rock Hound Or Harley Rake

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by fredski119, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. fredski119

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    Hey, Guys I Have A Lawn Install For A New House I Know A Rock Hound Will Take Care Of The Rocks And What Ever Else There Is. Will A Rock Hound Smooth The Ground Or I Have To Use A Harley Rake To Smooth The Ground. Also Is It A Good Idea To Mix In Compost Too?
  2. lawnkid

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    No offense buddy, if you don't have experience with any of these attachements, why are you doing this job?? Unless the lawn is already graded which is unlikely, you kinda have to know what to do with a harley rake. Harley rake will till the soil, and depending on how much pressure you put down will determine the depth of which it will till. The angling option is nice because you can kinda windrow all your rocks and debris into one pile. Rockhound only works well in loose soil after it has been tilled. It tends to pick up a decent amount of dirt as well when it is collecting rocks so just a heads up. You want to put in a good 2-3" of quality material to seed on top of as well. We use Kurtz Bros. professional blend. usually we harley rake about 4 times in differnt directions and then rockhound entire site, spread topsoil, till in, hand rake final grade, creat drainage and runoff if needed and hydroseed.
  3. Tim Wright

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    I have the harley rake only. It will do as the first reply stated. Windrow your rocks by starting at the inside of the yard and working your way out.

    Note: It will yank up even the largest rocks, so what I do is get the large (10 pounders that are on the top, off of the yard as much as possible. Then I go for the raking. I have to stop and remove the large rocks from time to time. I personally start deeper and at an angle, and then go over it again at a very shallow depth.

    Practice away from the house. Large rocks will make the rake jump and will also pull the tractor when digging deep, particularly if you hit the big rocks.

    No offense to the rest of the posters, but I am getting weary of the "if you don't have experience, what business do you have doing it answers."

    How on earth is a person suppose to get experience unless they jump in and do it. Here is a senerio. I am 42. I can learn. I am not going to go and work for someone else for $8.00 per hour to get experience. I a going to go out and get r done. Am I an expert in everything? NO, and I would not be at whatever wage working for someone else either.

    Soooooo, pleaseeeee,,,,,,,,,

    When someone has a question, answer the thing, giving the best help you can.


  4. CutRight

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    You're exactly Wright, Tim. pun intended. The only way to get experience is to do things, so you have to start somewhere, even if you lose your pants on this first job. you hopefully learned something about the process.
  5. midwest

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    Feel the same. Why put him down. You had to start somewhere too.
  6. AintNoFun

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    so i take it you were an expert in operating a harley rake BEFORE you ever used one?

    btw, we have great success with our harley rake...

  7. lawnkid

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    I guess I went a little overboard but maybe I'm the only one who has ever worked for someone to get experience before going out on my own and doing a job then. I just hate it when I see someone who has no idea what they are getting themselves into, they do a horrible job, not only make their own company look unexperienced, but they give us all a bad name. One thing I can guarantee is that no one's custoemrs want them on their properties without some experience, especially when operating a $30-$40k piece of equipment. I agree that practice makes perfect but I think somoene should know what they are doing before they go out and do it themselves. I worked with 3 companies in the area before I went on my own and learned as much as I could so I would not have to do a trial and error run on my first job. No I wasn't an expert when I first used a harley rake but I was taught how to do the job right the first time from an expert. I mean do you lay pavers without first reading the installation guidelines as to what kind of base to use, or how to slope patios just enough so that they drain and not colelct puddles or do a chemical herbicide application without first knowing what rate to apply it at and what results you should expect?? I think when you know what you are doing prior to beginning a job, it helps save you from having to learn and mess up and lose all that money. Just my opinion I guess. You might have luck doing a search as well. This subject has been hit on several times.
  8. Tim Wright

    Tim Wright LawnSite Bronze Member
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    In photography I did work for someone else and then left. In LCO, I did not. I worked my way step by step.

    This year I had one contractor give me 30-40 new houses to final grade, read into this, a new experience for me. So I went out and acquired the truck, trailer, tractor w/loader, harley rake and spreader/seeder, and just went to work.

    I guess that his thoughts are, if you have the ambition to be on your own, do what you say you are going to do, show up when the job needs to be done, and do it until it is done, and are honest, someone with some common sense and ability to learn can get the job done.

    That is why I suggested the our original poster work the parts of the yard away from the house first.

    In about 3 hours he will have the just of it.

    I guess I am not an expert, but I am doing the work, and its working out ok.

    By summers end, I hopefully will be an expert.

  9. fredski119

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    Thanks For The Advice Guys Just Wanted Some In Sight With The Harley Rake . I Never Used It Before But I Have Done Install Before But Never This Big Before . Ive Rented Bobcats And Found It To Be Easy To Use . Least I Can Say About My Old Warehouse Job Were I Got Use To Highlifts And Tow Motors For 10 Years . You Guys Are Right You Got To Start Some Where Even Its Lcp Or Warehouse Work.
  10. Tim Wright

    Tim Wright LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I am in the middle of a new install using the harley rake and have taken some before pictures and will take the after pictures also.

    When I am done, I will post the pictures and some user tips.


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