Rock hound or Harley Rake

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by gdeangel, Aug 2, 2006.

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    I am in the process of installing a new lawn at my home. After many weekends of raking out shale by hand :hammerhead: , I'm ready to rent a skid steer. The local Nations Rent has both rockhoud attachments and harley rake attachments. What is the difference and which is better? I need to clear the loose surface shale and prep the soil for seed, and also take down some high spots / even out some low spots that my builder left so things drain right.

    Also, seeing as how I have no experience with either piece of equipment, does anyone know someone in the Cleveland, OH area who want to make a few bucks to do this kind of piecework. Its a small yard and someone with the equipment and the know how could have it done in half a day and clear some decent cash. :payup: I'm in southern Westlake.

  2. jeffinsgf

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    The Harley will just windrow the rocks. You'll be out there with a shovel and a wheel barrow picking them up. The Rock Hound deposits the rocks in its bucket. On the other hand, I think the Harley does a better job of grading.
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    Thanks - That's very helpful to know... there's no way I want to have to showel this mess up. Which brings another question - can anyone in NE Ohio tell me where they dump this stuff. Apparently there are no landfills - the town director suggested putting the rocks in 50 lb. sacks on the curb for the garbage man. Does that seem right?
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    yes what the director told you is correct about putting that stuff on the curb as strange as that sounds. They do the same in north ridgeville.

    If your looking for someone to put your lawn in there are TONS of LCO's that do just that. With the massive developments that they are putting in you should have no problems getting someone to do that for you. I suggect you stop in at the LESCO store in westlake and talk to them for a name.


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