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Would $100 for just the labor of installing 3/4 river rocks be a fair price. The cost of the rocks is $200/yard, which is actually one of the cheaper places in town, but still expensive. Im tacking on gas and what not as well, but I couldn’t find a good pinpoint on the price for labor


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Never "tack on gas". Looks very unprofessional.
River rock is heavy. And sometimes you need to do a bit of tetris at the end. Charge $350 a yard minimum. If your delivering yourself, $450 minimum.


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Lol “tack on gas”. If I was getting bids and I saw a line item for “fuel” on a job like that I would probably laugh. What are you going to do add $20 to the bill? Yes, you need to factor in that as an expense. But include that in your delivery fee, or better yet just price them per yard knowing all your costs. Way more professional. The price above $350-450 is appropriate. Add extra per sq. Ft ($.50 or so) if you are using landscaping fabric.


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What does “installing” mean. Are you doing prep work and weed control fabric, or just dumping and spreading?

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