rock removal..charge by the ton?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Mykster, Jun 26, 2002.

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    While we were doing a job a neighbor lady drove up and asked if I could give her a bid on removing some rock (1/4" and smaller). I told her when I was done here I would go and take a look.

    How do you price for removal of rock? Do you charge by the ton or yds you have taken out. It's 360sq. ft. and 2" deep. She wants the rock removed and some topsoil and bark brought in.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. sbvfd592

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    ya it depends how you are moveing it backhoe or byhand and how much for you to dump them i whould find a job to dump thme at but it not it whould be like 70$ a yard in my town by hand with the truck right next to me
  3. beck

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    Make sure you have a place to dump it for a reasonable price.
    One landfill I went to wanted $120 for about 2 yards of rock they charge buy the pound and it had some mud mixed in with it(rained overnight) I searched elsewhere and was able to dump for $40
    At certain times my compost center can take "hard fill" but at this time they could not. When they can take it they take it for free.

    There are a few roofing companies that use a very powerful vacuum that can remove rock from roofs, and landscaping areas. The one I have talked with charges $175/hr with a 4hr minimum.
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    1/4" and smaller ?? around here we call that sand and a good wind will take care of it. Could it be pea stone? Take it and use it on someone else's property, double profits.

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