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Rockhound or Bust

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I just bought a residence with about 3/4 acre that I need to convert to lawn (some of this area may be planted with veg like alfalfa/clover and left in a more natural state for wildlife). I live at the edge of where the last glacial event occurred in this region, so the soil is very gravelly glacial outwash--lots of rocks of various sizes--soil is about 30% rocks/cobble and the rest is a very dry powdery (at least in the summer) silty loam. I'm trying to find a way to remove some of the rocks as an alternative to bringing in topsoil (though I may still need to bring in some organic matter). I have the option of renting a rockhound, but can't find other equipment (harley, etc.) available locally for rent, as suggested by some threads on this website. I have two questions: (1) Does the fact that my soil is very powdery enhance the ability of the rockhound to remove just rock, instead of rock and soil; and (2) apart from the labor involved, would I end up with a better prepped soil if I run the rockhound, then till the ground shallowly with a cultivator, the re-run the rockhound? Just tossing around some ideas in my head. Thanks!
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