Rockhound or Harley Rake?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by gvlawncare, Apr 17, 2003.

  1. gvlawncare

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    I ffigure i can get this question answered here. In a couple of weeks, I am going to be doing a job at a new softball/baseball field. All together there is about 2.5 acres that will be seeded. The excavating will be finished next week. The ground has no vegitation, and is very rocky. Mostly bank run gravel, and alot of it. Obvioulsy it is level, but it needs to be prepped before hydroseeding. Now here's the question. I am renting a skid steer from Cat, and the rental yard has both rockhounds, and harley rakes. Which one do I want. I am very familiar with rockhounds, but have no experience with a harley rake. Which one do you think will work best? I am looking for quality results obviously, and how long it takes won't be a huge issue. Any suggestions?
  2. Harleyman

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    rent them both, use the harly first then use the rockhound. The harley will grade and level everthing out but on 2.5 acres you do not want to pick all those stones up with a bucket. Then go over with rockhound and finish grade the field to reduce more rocks.
  3. mklawnman

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    Doesn't the power rake also push the rocks along as its breaking up the soil?? Cause Im looking at renting one for a landscape job I gotta do, the back yard is full of rocks, big and small and thought that the power rake can push alot of them out of the way so that I can then pull the topsoil back over the subsoil without any rocks in it.
    The front yard is mostly full of weeds now and theres just a big pile of dirt that has to be spread out which I'd use the bucket and the power rake for that work.
  4. Harleyman

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    yes thw harley rake will winrow the rocks all sizes makes life easy. Just was figuring for his siz area it would be best to hit it with both pieces for less hand raking.
  5. ksss

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    I have never used a Harley rake, but I have used Rock Hounds and wasn't impressed. I have two Preparators made by FFC. I think they do a much better job. They penetrate better in tough condition (they are much heavier) and don't bounce like a rock hound.
  6. permagro

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    I have owned and operated four different Harley Rakes for over 15 years. Never once did I find it necessary to rent or hire a rock hound for any particular job. I use a L-35 Kubota currently for grading and had a 4in1 bucket installed to help pick up piles of debris. If the money is in your budget rent the rock hound for debris removal. The Harley Rake preps a seed bed when used correctly, the rock hound does not. The Eliminator also has its advantages in prepping, but nothing beats a final grade with a Harley Rake with a top and tilt kit installed on machine.
  7. worthbrown

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    What is a top and tilt kit?
  8. permagro

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    About $1200.00 installed. Allows all hand operated adjustments to be done hydraulically.
  9. Dstosh

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    My boss uses a Harley on the back of a Ford 1920 and that thing works wonders .I have no experience with a rock hound but I Know the harley can get out all of the rocks and put them in windrows. Hand raking may be necessary if your picky about tire marks and to get all of those little tiny rocks and fixing places where the harley may have skipped due to ground hardness /lack of loose soil.
  10. worthbrown

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    Permagrow, are you talking about the switch to angle the machine back and forth? I have that, but not sure of any other hand operated movements.

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