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Rocks out the ying yang.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Went to a local Rock yard today to get some thoughts and Ideas on a bed border. I felt like a kid in a candy story. This place had any kind of rock you could imagine and had large quantities.

Spent about 2 hours just looking.

The bad thing is that I did't carry my D-camera. Going back this week to get some rock. I'll share some photo's.

Unbelievable amounts of rock. You bama boys should know of this place.

Just thought I'd share.


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southern Georgia
I'm curious were do they get all the rock they get. I'm no treehugger but it seems to me they have to leave some beautiful place in the wilderness looking pretty bad. as I said I have no idea how thye come up with it but I would hate to go to rock city and see the boulder garden missing. Just my two sense.


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Parkton NC
In some areas of the country, like where I am from in N.E. Pa, there are rocks all over the place! No need to really dig or disturb the natural landscape. In fact there are rock wall buyers, that specialize in buying and selling of existing rock walls.