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  1. David Hickerson

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    Here is the problem. I hit a large rock with my Honda HRC 216. Stopped the mower. Ran funny after that but I am not laughing. I figured I had bent a blade. Put new blade on and still vibrates. Vibrates when you disengage the blade for 1 second. While mower is idling it still vibrates. No unusual noises though.

    What do you think?
  2. joshua

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    justa geuss, check the spindal, shaft, belts and anything else, personly i would take it to my dealer and have him look at it. telll him what happened and he should know what to check or call him and you can check it.
  3. skyphoto

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    Did you check the blade spindle? May have broke it or bent it I had this prob. on my hopper and it turned out to be a bent spindle... Hope this helps....
  4. Fantasy Lawns

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    when she's not running ....wiggle the blade if she moves (more than the undamaged one, accually any serious movement requires repair) ....if so than take her to the shop
  5. Cutter1

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    My toro's do that when something is struck. It is the shear pin on mine. This is a safety option to keep from damaging the engine. Only takes a bit to fix and its not expensive, just take it to your dealer.
  6. BobR

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    If you whacked it hard enough to stop the engine I would guess that you took out the crank (new short block coming up).. This has hapened twice to me (Toro Proline 2cycle) both times the hit was solid but not enough to stop the engine, vibration during blade rotation, ever so slight vibration with blade deactivated (BBC).. big bucks both times!!

  7. Wildwood

    Wildwood LawnSite Member
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    True story-- I hit a steel pipe with my JD tractor , caused a vibration with one of the blades. Didn't have the time to stop and repair it there and then.....several days later, another invisble object hiding in the grass brought everything to an imediate stop, even stalled the engine.Upon refiring, the original vibration was GONE and no repair was ever done! Dont think I count on that happening next time though.
  8. sgreanbean

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    last somer my wife was using one of out toro 21"s and she hit an old black gas pipe BAM! so loud even the cust. came out to see if any one hurt! i checked the mower Big chunk out oe the balde! took it to my mech a nack and the spindel was fine! put nem blade on and its all better! I thought for sure the thing was history! Them toros are worth their weight!
  9. Chopper Lover

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    Simialr situation with a 20 inch Briggs & Stratton back when I was in High School...

    I hit a water valve pipe in the front yard and it shut the mower off. I started it up and had a terrible vibration and knocking noise. I pushed half a mile to the local repair guy and he told me to trash it because I bent the crank shaft. Back home I went...

    Figuring the mower was toast, and being a 14 year old kid with a life time subscription to Hot Rod magazine and no car or money, I decided it could not hurt for me to tear it apart and see what was inside.

    First thing I found was a sheered Woodrift Key that held the Crank shaft and fly wheel aligned. I spent 12 cents on a new key and put it back together....

    ALL FIXED! Ran for another 9 years.

    I truly hope you get as lucky as I did.
  10. awm

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    Ive hit a number of thing with my Murray .Some completely stalled engine.A warped blade is the worst thats happened so far.Still gives you a sick feeling inside though.
    terrible thing to do to a mower

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