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    Brand new member that's joined in the hope of getting some advice. I have about 1 1/2 acres of property thats got some grass growth, but is covered with rocks from baseball to soccer ball size and some bigger. I think the property is an old river bed, so bulldozing and then bringing in topsoil is not an option...will just uncover more rocks. Any suggestions as to how to help the customed get decent level ground that will support grass and that can be mowed??
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    thats tough i would say a bobcat with a harley rake should do the trick but it might cause more rocks to surface. i would expect bring in topsoil. one thing i would do is invest in a soil probe and take cores from the lawn seeing what type of soil your dealing with and possible seeing how much stone you hit when probing. you can get a soil probe at lesco, about $30.

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