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IMHO the Rodenator belongs on TV shows like Son of Gun or American Gun etc. where little Guns try and compensate with big weapons. Unless you are planning on sub-soil plowing and replanting etc, the Rodenator tears up too much land to be a practical solution.

I suggest Tarpid which is a poison bait in the form of a gummy worm that feels and tastes like the moles favorite diet. It has worked for me.



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it looks cool as **** on you tube but i agree with ric the damage might be more then the good is...


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Added it to my business this year and have had some success. Most people that are calling are those that have let the moles get out of control, so lawn damage has already occurred. Therefore, blowing it up doesn't really hurt it. We blast it and then rake it in and reseed. We follow up with talprid and trapping. If it is a nice yard with just one or two mole runs, we use talprid. However, most people come out to watch the explosions. We can't guarantee we will get all the moles. What we tell them is that we are in the control business. If you've ever battled moles, you understand it will take some time no matter what method you are using. As far as the machine goes, it's simple and straightforward. Makes a lot of noise and you'll want insurance if doing it commercially.