Rodent damage to turf.

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by SoDak, Mar 16, 2010.

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    I recently inspected a client's lawn that has sustained severe damage due to either mice or voles, but the neighboring lawns have no damage. The lawns have been covered in snow since early December and they border a natural greenway.

    My question is: Why did my client's lawn have rodent damage and the others didn't?

    My only guess is the lawn is composed of different turf varieties that the rodents prefer, or fertility and watering practices during the growing season contribute to more lush turf during the winter for the rodents to feed on.

    Any suggestions?
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    You might try mowing low next fall as you close out the season (as long as the grass types can tolerate it). The voles ought to then favor the taller grass of the surrounding areas. That worked for me this winter on my home lawn. I see no vole damage so far.
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    He is right. Voles prefer tall grass, deep snow , and need a place to hide when snow melts--like thick bushes, groundcover or nearby tall weedy grass. A bird feeeder or source of food is a nice plus.

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