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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by T.Wells, Aug 2, 2006.

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    I was wondering if someone could help me ID this rodent.

    I thought that I had moles outside my bilco doors as I found a few holes and a bunch of surface runs in my lawn in that area. Here I killed this rodent in one of the runs and I am not really sure if it is really a mole. It looks more like a mouse to me. I also don’t see any subsurface runs along the grass but only surface runs. I did see another critter in the area but that one got away.



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    Looks like a young pac rat to me. Tail looks a little short but everything else looks the same.
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    Looks like a vole and they will destroy a lawn and lots of shrubs. You can set mouse traps in the runs and near the holes. You can put Shake-Away in the area to chase them off. You can spray with castor oil, but will have to spray every couple of weeks. Have heard tell that sulphur works and have also heard it doesn't work that well. The damage done over the winter is the worst. They will acculate under the last piles of snow and eat away leaving mess of dead grass clippings for you to clean up. The grass will come back, but lookes like chit until it does. You can also make a wooden box with a single hole in each end and place mouse traps in it to catch them. Just lift the hinged lid and empty the traps where the birds can eat them.

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