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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting, Oct 4, 2007.

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    Hey Chris Benduce, how are you. Wow its been a long time, at least its elt like a long time. How are things in RI? Hope things are well. My cell phone hasnt changed and works anywhere in the world, call me sometime or PM me here.

    I'd like to update my info as things have changed.

    1: Who are you? Doug Ludmann

    2: Where are you from? Cincinnati Ohio

    3: How long in the biz? I grew up in lighting, started my first company in 1999 but worked in lighting since I was a kid. Rewiring chandeliers and table tables as young as 8 years old. Worked as a rep fro Kichler, Dinico and a few other lines from 1995 to 1998. Owned Nite Tyme Illuminations from 1999 to 2007, sold to Wolf Creek Distributing and departed doing business in the US. Still resident if US.

    4: Individual Specialty? Renovations of old lighting systems inside and out. Project mgmt and coordination, creative solutions, value engineering

    5: Largest Job Installed? I do inside and outside lighting so just finished a project with probably close to 5000 fixtures. With just outdoor lighting I helped supply a landscape lighting job in Ohio of 4200 fixtures years ago, ridiculous if you ask me.

    6: Most fun you ever had on a job? Probably the property we just finished in Turks and Caicos. I just did a amll 3 day project in Mo Bay that was an emergency though that was fun as well. No materials designated for the job, one guy to help and 3 days to do it. Rounded up enough spot lights, marketlights and some custom made path light that were earmarked for another job and went to town. I think it was fun because it was a challenge. Ended up using 300 feet of marketlight, 12 kichler 9244azt, 60 pathlights, 12-15 spot lights and 12 lumascape fireflies, 8 beachside propane tiki torches, 200 feet of 2700 kelvin LED rope light, a custom made bamboo light structure, and 4 savi pool lights . We kept the rustic island feel while creating an atmosphere capable of wine tastings if so desired. Every job where you get to break out of the boundaries of washing a facade of home is fun.

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    The job was grueling and challenging since it was a , a 2 hour drive each way, 4 hours in the truck everyday and $80 in gas, 45 acre estate in Bakersfield California 3 lakes and bridges, established trees etc. We installed all of the LV cable inside conduit and have been doing most of my jobs since then the same way. Mass qty's of pipe cable fixtures transformers, connections etc. used on that site. The project took place last year . We worked on and off from April to November.

    I have another project this year on the east coast. I'm being flown by private jet by the client next week to meet with their building contractor so he can have my electrical power where I need it in strategic locations on the property.

    I will be walking the site with a lighting contractor I know on the east coast who will most likely be assisting me with the install.
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    Very cool Mike! You gotta love the executive treatment! :) All the hard work and commitment over a lifetime certainly does pay off doesn't it? I don't have a private jet gig yet, but it looks like I will be doing a couple of jobs this coming year in SW Florida and at least one in the islands. It is great having clients who appreciate your passion, vision and talent!

    Hmmm... perhaps a reality TV series could be built around such things? LOL
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    Mike, do still work alone? I remember you saying once that use no help, you are the man! I really don't see how you and James keep up the pace of research, design, execution, and still find time to share so much information and time here. I need some pointers?
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    Eddie, it's been a bit over a year now that I have taken on helpers. I'm still on the site at all times but I've trained these guys so well that if I wanted to all I'd need to do is stick the flags in the ground , show them where the transformers go and walk away and they can do a full install using my methodology and equipment and achieve less than .5 volt difference between every fixture. Then come back do some fine tweaking and a nighttime walk with the client and walla. My process has been systemized and when the process is followed each and everytime (sequence and way we do things) it is not only efficient but the results are predictable and reliable. Photo attached of boys in action.

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    necesita mas luse amigo!
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    English Tim English!!!
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    Hey Ryan,
    I know of an electrical contractor who also is starting a lighting division in the dallas area. Seems to be a growing trend. How is biz for you? Picking up an new leads?

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