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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting, Oct 4, 2007.

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    Every year just keeps getting better!!
  2. Chris J

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    1: Who are you? Chris Johnson

    2: Where are you from? Jacksonville, FL

    3: How long in the biz? 8 years

    4: Individual Specialty? Extreme customer service after the installation.

    5: Largest Job Installed? 250 fixtures / 12 transformers / Radio RA controls

    6: Most fun you ever had on a job? 1st job ever; 30 lights/3 day install. Just realizing there was a market for this and that I could make a living doing something that was so fulfilling.
  3. Pro-Scapes

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    1: Who are you? Billly and Ashley Bradford

    2: Where are you from? Born in chicago grew up in cali and spent 6 years in vegas now in MS for 7 years

    3: How long in the biz? Landscape industry 5 years. Working on creating stand alone lighting business for 1.5 years

    4: Individual Specialty? Incredible client satisfaction before and after the install.

    5: Largest Job Installed? Residential - assisted 160+ lights with 7 transformers including 3 direct burial. Now working on 120 light residential complete with vantage touch screens and 5 transformers

    6: Most fun you ever had on a job? working with another contractor on a commercial project furthering my knowledge and working to help bring the coast alive again after katrina

    7. What did you do before lighting/landscaping? Fiber optic technician in charge of the fiber install for west las vegas areas for the cable modem system 1994-2000
  4. JoeyD

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    1: Who are you? Joey DiGiovanni

    2: Where are you from? Born and Raised in Escondido, CA (Just North of San Diego)

    3: How long in the biz? Since 1996 Strictly Landscape Lighting
    4: Individual Specialty? Sales, L/S Lighting Education, Technical Support, Product Knowledge

    5: Largest Job Installed? Working as a contractor 2002-late 2003....650+ Light Low Voltage all Brass Job in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. Saudi Arabian Oil Tycoon for those interested who could afford a 650+ light job.

    6: Most fun you ever had on a job? Gosh, to many to name. Probably doing lighting at David Justice (ex-pro baseball player) home and throwing batting practice to his son with him!
    7. What did you do before lighting/landscaping? PARTY!!!!!!! I was in high school when I started working for Unique Lighting Systems.
  5. steveparrott

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    1: Who are you? Steve Parrott of CAST Lighting

    2: Where are you from? New York

    3: How long in the biz? 12 years lighting for stage and screen, 6 years with landscape lighting.

    4: Individual Specialty? Landscape Lighting design and technology (mostly education and empowerment), Marketing in print and online media

    5: Largest Job Installed? Designed and directed the lighting at an event at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles (about 200 fixtures). Largest outdoor venue, lighting in and around a tent of 10,000 people in Northern India. At this event, I supervised a team of electricians who strip wire with their teeth. Area lighting was provided by hundreds of bulbs hanging from bare wires (240V) across the roof of the tent!

    6: Most fun you ever had on a job? I was doing the lighting for a documentary in central India when the village elders took exception. We kept shooting and ended up in a high speed car chase narrowly escaping their wrath.
  6. SamIV

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    1. Who: Burt Wilson - go by my middle name, first is Sam (SamIV)

    2. Where from: Southern Louisiana

    3. How Long: 10 Years full now part-time

    4. Specialty: Sold the landscaping and irrigation side last year, now only do
    low voltage lighting. I am also in management for the largest inspection
    company in the world. Our division performs work in the oil and gas
    industry. I help with six offices from here to Brazil. I take off whenever I
    want to do lighting. The perks of management. Would probably make a
    better lighting rep. than a contractor.

    5. Largest job: Same job billy mentioned. 175 lights and 7 transformers and
    about to add more.

    6. Most fun: Spending time with my 3 sons, the big job, and teaching. I
    taught culinary arts in New Orleans, LA.
  7. extlights

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    1: Who are you? Dave Berna

    2: Where are you from? Originally Chicago Suburbs now in Lake Geneva, WI

    3: How long in the biz? Over 10 years

    4: Individual Specialty? Design and service.

    5: Largest Job Installed? 322 Fixtures, 16 transformers.

    6: Most fun you ever had on a job? There have been many, but probably doing Tony Schumachers home. I'm a big drag racer myself and it was nothing short of awesome being able to hang out with a Top Fuel Champion and shoot the crap.
  8. Chris J

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    Don't mean to interupt the thread, but this is just cool stuff!
  9. Firefly Lighting

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    So, how about a quick Q & A?

    1: Who are you? Matthew Broyles

    2: Where are you from?Atlanta, GA

    3: How long in the biz?9 years lighting only

    4: Individual Specialty? Design/Build and Christmas Lighting

    5: Largest Job Installed?110K

    6: Most fun you ever had on a job? Design and install of a 49 acre farm in the mountains of North Carolina mountains.
  10. eskerlite

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    Who are You? Sean Curran
    Where are You from? North of Boston, Mass.
    How long in the Biz.I own a Landscape Business started by my Father in 1963. He has retired. This is my 2oth year lighting.
    Individual Specialty. Design
    Largest Job. 142 fixtures 7 transformers.
    Most fun on a job. If Im Lighting, Im Happy.
    Past Pesident of AOLP, Certification Committee member
    What Ive done before lighting.Musician, Car and Motorcycle salesman, Mechanic,Landscape Contractor.
    Quotes. Beautification Through Illumination
    The bitterness from poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price has been forgotten.
    Supermarkets have Customers, We have Clients. Treat them like You want to keep them.:waving:

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