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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. bmwsmity

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    did ya like that one joey? :laugh: sounds like i made it up, but it is a real word...i think selling cars in 95 degree heat with a tie and dress shirt on should be added to the definition!

    i also loved those crazy people who didn't mind the heat that would get in the car and sit there with the windows up and car off so they could check out the interior features.
  2. Mike & Lucia

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    1: Who are you? Mike Deo

    2: Where are you from? New Jersey

    3: How long in the biz? Three years

    4: Individual Specialty? Design first (I get paid to do a design and proposal)

    5: Largest Job Installed? Two clients racing for the title, both are currently over 250 fixtures. I love projects that never end!

    6: Most fun you ever had on a job? On my fourth installation the lady of the house asked if she could hug me when we did the after-dark. It's happened several times since then, but I'll always remember my first time.

    Always the entrepreneur, I've owned a pallet manufacturung and recycling business for the past 11 years. It is still a going concern, but I spend 80% of my time developing and growing my lighting business. I speak several times per year at area schools with horticultural programs - Rutgers University is coming up. A real plant lover, I try to tie my lighting into the landscape seamlessly. The profs and gardeners appreciate it. Doing a bit with automation these days. I want to be Eden Lights when I grow up! Thanks, Eddie. You offer a wealth of info on the subject. I read often, but don't post as much as I'd like - time is in short supply. Two grade-school kids who won't allow me to be an abscentee Daddy!

    Great thread James.
  3. NightScenes

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    It's good to see you again Mike.
  4. pete scalia

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    Any relation to Ronnie James?
  5. irrig8r

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    1: Who are you?
    Gregg Catanese

    2: Where are you from?
    Santa Clara Valley (you may know it as Silicon Valley, but I've been here longer than that name has)

    3: How long in the biz?
    Mostly employed in horticulture or related fields since high school. Worked in orchards and dairy farming a little. Started a landscape maint. business in 1981. Got my CA landscape contractor's license in 1988. Started installing irrigation about the same time. Attended a Nightscaping seminar in 1989 and installed my first lighting job in 1990. Have attended lots of seminars and gotten certificates given by other manufacturers over the years.

    4: Individual Specialty?
    Troubleshooting, repairs and renovations. Residential design and installations.

    5: Largest Job Installed?
    Seven transformers, 125 fixtures.

    6: Most fun you ever had on a job?
    I'm always pleased when a customer tells me I have "carte blanche"...and the extra touches from truly appreciative clients are nice.. like sending me home with bottles of wine, or feeding me fresh baked lemon blueberry scones and coffee for breakfast when I get there... but the most fun is when I'm their hero, solving a problem that other service people couldn't figure out..
  6. Go Halogen

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    1: Who are you? Andy McDowell

    2: Where are you from? Originally Silver Springs, now Bear, DE

    3: How long in the biz? 13+ years

    4: Individual Specialty? Landscape architect, specialize in lighting up my designs and client's homes.

    5: Largest Job Installed? 247 fixtures

    6: Most fun you ever had on a job? Dealing with a timber rattler who would not move away.....I put me over on guys went home???
  7. Eden Lights

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    Thanks James for your words of encouragement, it's been a long day with a ton still to be done. You picked me back up, Thanks
  8. pete scalia

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    Were you ever a pitcher for the NY Mets circa 1980's? If so I remember seeing you at Shea.
  9. irrig8r

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    Some members apparently think that posting details about their businesses might somehow put them in harm's way, or maybe reveal too much to their competitors.

    WHile I can sort of understand this point of view, I'd like to make a suggestion that details such as your phone number, address, even website url are not necessary. It would still be nice to know something about you, if just to give your opinions the weight they deserve..

    For instance, I don't think one's answers about years in the business, kinds of jobs you've installed, etc. would do that much too much. Would they?

    I'm not directing this at any one individual, but I have a feeling that there are more people reading than posting. Come on folks, get over your shyness. We don't bite.
  10. Eden Lights

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    Do you guys own a public business for hire, or are you in the Witness protection program?

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